20 Ways To Bring Your February To The Next Level


Today is the first day of February which means that there’s plenty of opportunities ahead for you to do great things. If you are looking for a little inspiration or guidance, you’ve come to the right place. Every month marks a clean slate. Who do you want to be? What goal do you want to set? What new thing to do you want to learn? Today is the day to set it and go after a dream! No one is stopping you… well, except you that is.

20 Ways To Bring Your February To The Next Level

  1. Take an e-course¬†about something you’ve always wanted to learn
  2. Check out Meet Up and find a local event that interests you
  3. Join a dance class / cooking class / painting class – bring a friend.
  4. Hit up Groupon and find something new to buy that you’ve never thought of before
  5. Get a facial
  6. Get your eyebrows professional reshaped
  7. Turn to YouTube and learn three new hairstyles
  8. Pick a type of cuisine that you’ve never eaten before, find a local restaurant and enjoy¬†a new meal.
  9. Call up an old friend.
  10. Reconnect with mom / dad. Set up a dinner date. It’s been a while, right?
  11. Start a new fitness routine. GAH! Did she just say that? (sorry)
  12. Get new business cards // new website design // new fresh look for something relating to your work
  13. Clean out your closet.
  14. Make a donation bag – go through your entire house.
  15. Consider e-books. They are great for long road trips (or for when you are doing housework).
  16. Clean up your social media accounts. Unfollow negative people.
  17. Plan a vacation. When was the last time you went away?
  18. Get a planner. What an easy way to stay organized!
  19. Take a hike – literally. Go for a walk.
  20. Start making lists of things you want to accomplish. Three things a day – and actually do them.

That’s it! Those are my suggestions! Do you have any ideas that you’d like to share!? Would love to hear in the comments below.

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