Dollar Store Christmas Finds

Save money this season and make it The Dollar Store Christmas with these amazing and unexpected finds! From Dollar Tree Decorations to Dollar Tree Crafts, you will find something for everyone! 

dollar store christmas finds

I am a dollar store fanatic. Are you? I always end up shopping at one of the many available brands in my neighborhood looking for deals to help complete my holiday to-do lists.

Whether it’s for Easter, an upcoming birthday bash, or Christmas Eve, I never leave emptyhanded. EVER. I went over the weekend and found a TON of goodies for the season and wanted to share some of what was in my cart.

I want to give you a little backstory as to why I decided to write this post. It matters! I recently purchased three oversized present bags from Target. They retailed for $5 EACH. So, that was $15 just to house the gifts I am giving! In the dollar store, I found the same exact bags for one buck a shot.

I literally started to talk to myself in the aisle. I looked insane! I was so excited about coming across those bags because I really needed them. And in that instant, I had saved myself $12. That’s three Starbucks, y’all! It all counts…

Ok – let’s get right to it! Here are some of the Dollar Store Christmas scores I have grabbed this holiday season. I can bet that you need every single one of these things too. 😉

dollar store christmas decorations

Holiday cards: $12 for 1

I bought these for teachers, bus drivers and crosswalk guards. It’s always good to have some on hand.

dollar store christmas wrapping paper

Wrapping Paper – variety

I want to note that this paper is super flimsy. So, don’t travel with the packages. They need to be wrapped and placed under the tree!

dollar store christmas gift bags

Gift Bags

These are the bags I am talking about. Do you see how big they are?! I literally paid $5 a pop at another store.  I still can’t get over it. The entire aisle had every size you can imagine. This is the only place to go for gift bags. Truly!

dollar store christmas decorations

Outdoor Decor

I always get ribbons, window stickers, and items to hang from my trees from this store. At the end of the season, if they are badly damaged, I just toss them in the trash. No harm done.

Wine Bags

Ok, I know I should put this with the others, but I think these are special. I LOVE having wine bags on hand because Bill and I tend to have a ton of parties to go to during this season. Bringing a bottle VS. bringing a bottle in a festive bag – there’s no competition!

Gift Tags

I like to reuse gift bags when I get them. Gift tags are a perfect way to do just that! I throw the sticker over whatever writing I see and call it a day. These are great to have while wrapping or stuffing.

Stocking Stuffers 

I went a little overboard this year. Not going to lie. Their stockings are going to have to be placed on the FLOOR! There is no way they are going to hang with all the stuff I have to place in them. I found so many great small wonders at the Dollar Store. Coloring books are always a win!

Class Grab Bags

I like to make Caleb’s class a little treat every holiday and I always get what I need from the dollar store. Pencil and eraser packs come in either 12 or 18 counts. It’s a really cheap way to make a big impact.

Car Ride Games

There are always festive games – like Snowman Tic Tac Toe – available at the Dollar Store. The themes switch over quite frequently. You can keep a few of these in the backseat of your car for those long rides to Grandma’s house.


To be honest with you, I don’t usually buy candy from the shop, but during the holidays they bring in some cute designs. It’s hard to resist a chocolate Santa.

House Decor

Table decorations including cups, plates, and tablecloths are also available. For really cheap, you can update your room’s vibe in an instant.

Plush Toys

Again – a really cheap way to bring in some holiday cheer.  ONE BUCK for these toys. You can place these on every bag/gift box you give out or you can make these gift cardholders. Up to you!


So, are you surprised at some of the holiday finds I showed you? You have to get to your nearest dollar store. You won’t be disappointed.

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