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YouTube Kids Adds Trusted Partners To App

As you know, I am on the YouTube Kids Parent Panel. I head out to California a few times a year and sit down with the people in charge and allow them to pick my brain as a parent and as an influencer. I think it’s important. I’m doing it for my kids AND for my community. I am so thankful for the opportunity because, in some small way, I feel like I am helping make this space a safer one for all of our kids. The Internet is so BIG. It’s growing so FAST. It’s absolutely impossible to control. But I know, as a mom, there are a few things that I wish for when it comes to digital designs. And trusted partners on YouTube Kids was certainly one of them.

Since the YouTube Kids app launched three years ago, it was their goal to give kids around the world a place to access videos that were enriching, engaging and allowed them to explore their endless interests. was NEVER created for children and it never will be watered down in a way that will be designed for our little ones in the near future. You know what? It shouldn’t be. That’s not THEIR space. But YouTube Kids IS! The team has spent so much time improving the app since it’s official launch and this week they announced something amazing!!! Three new options are releasing on YouTube Kids this year.  Check it out.

YouTube Kids Adds Trusted Partners To App

According to their official blog:

  • Collections by trusted partners and YouTube Kids: Starting this week, our partners and the YouTube Kids team will offer collections of trusted channels on a variety of subjects from arts & crafts and music to sports, learning, and so much more. This makes it easy for parents to select only the channel collections and topics they want their kids to access. Just go into Profile Settings, and select from available collections such as Sesame Workshop and PBS KIDS. We will continue to add more partners over time.
  • Parent approved content: Parents know better than anyone what they want their children to watch. For those parents who want even more control over the videos and channels in the YouTube Kids app, we’re rolling out a feature later this year that will allow parents to specifically handpick every video and channel available to their child in the app.
  • Improved search-off control for an even more contained experience: Parents have always been able to turn search off within the YouTube Kids app, but starting this week turning search off will limit the YouTube Kids experience to channels that have been verified by the YouTube Kids team. This means that search off will not include recommendations from the broader YouTube Kids corpus.

What do you think about the new additions? I’m actually really excited about the changes.

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