You’re Doing It Right: 25 Ways To Know You Are A Great Mom

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We all have those days when we start to question whether or not we are doing it right. I had a mini-breakdown a few year back while hiding in my bathroom from responsibility. It was right after having my second child, Liam. My workload was increasing, but so was my motherly duties. I had a hard time adjusting from one to two kids – especially since I was also running two full-time businesses from home.

So on that day, I locked myself in my bathroom, sat on the floor, and just started to cry. I cried because I felt like I was failing everyone. I was failing as a wife, as a mom, as a provider, as a friend. There wasn’t one role I was doing right and I felt that weight on my chest like a boulder. Jack of all trades… that was me.

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Then for some reason, I started to think about dinner. Because even with everything that I had to do during the day, I still have to make dinner for my family, right? And well… that just put me over the edge. I’m talking dry heaving / snot running / body convulsing fit of tears. Why? Because I didn’t plan ahead. Because I didn’t have a vegetable in the house or a piece of meat. What could I possibly make for my family when I haven’t gone grocery shopping — another thing I failed to do that week.

And then I told myself that I will “just make pasta and that would have to be good enough”.

The last few words sort of lingered in my head – good enough.

It was the best I could do . I could only make them pasta and in the end – in the grand scheme of things – that would be just fine. There’s no medal at the end of this race. Do my children really care if I serve them pasta with butter for dinner? No! In fact, they LOVE when I do that because it’s one of their favorite meals.

It’s good enough. Seriously.

All these expectations. These doubts. These levels of achievement I so desperately try to hit — who puts them on me? I DO!  You know when my children get upset? When I serve them roasted brussel sprouts and tilapia. When I take the time and plan out my meals – that’s when the fights ensue because in the end … all they really want is pasta with butter.

So, like a wave of forgiveness, I realized on that bathroom floor many years ago that I am doing right by my kids. And just like that I stopped being so hard on myself. I also called my mother and apologized to her over and over again for being so mean to her as a tween / teen. I finally understood that she too did the best she could do for me when I was a child. We cried a lot on the phone that day — but that is another story of forgiveness entirely.

If you are still in that place of feeling like you just aren’t giving what you should be giving to your kids, I am here to tell you to think again! Here are 25 reasons to PROVE that you are doing it right SISTER!!!

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  1. Your children want you to tuck them into bed each night.
  2. All messy arts and craft projects are dedicated to you.
  3. Your living room/ den looks like a bomb dropped because your kids spend so much time having fun while at home.
  4. There’s still cuddle time.
  5. When an injury occurs, you are the first one they run to.
  6. Your coloring skills are top notch.
  7. Your hearing ability puts you on superhero status. A sneeze, a cry, a tip toe. You are aware.
  8. When things get a little boring, you are able to create a fun activity out of shoe string and an acorn.
  9. You don’t mind sitting on the floor and getting a little dirty.
  10. You understand the power / value of the baby wipe.
  11. Your arm muscles are tight and strong because all you do is push swings, strollers, bikes, wagons…
  12. Weekends don’t mean clubbing anymore… it’s more like soccer fields and baseball bleachers.
  13. Sometimes your kids play in the rain and eat pancakes for dinner. Yes, you’re that kind of mom!
  14. Love is spoken and is spoken often.
  15. You’ve said the words, “Because I said so” and recognized that when you were a child you swore you would never say them. And then you said them again. 🙂
  16. Even when you don’t have a baby in your arms… you still find yourself swaying out of habit.
  17. You’re able to get ready in the morning in under 10 minutes because that’s all your family will allow you.
  18. Mary Poppins’ purse has nothing on your bag!!
  19. You are capable of multi-tasking better than anyone you know. Even as you read this you are figuring out what’s for dinner, changing a diaper, and doing laundry.
  20. You really do have eyes behind your head.
  21. You have no more storage on your iPhone because of too many videos / photos of your kids.
  22. You recognize that you get to do life all over again through your baby’s eyes.
  23. You find yourself watching cartoons even though your children are at school. Hey – it happens.
  24. You surround your children with kids that lift them up – not bring down their spirits.
  25. You cannot imagine life any other way.

Do you have anything you’d like to add to my list? Would love to keep this conversation going!!

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