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I Work Like A Dog… But Not While I’m Flying

I love to work. I guess you could call me a workaholic. It’s not a dirty word – it really isn’t. I take pride in everything that I do. I live a life of true passion. It’s funny to say… but I wake up eager to check my emails! What happened overnight that needs some help? What projects can I win today? What concepts can I sell? How many different ways can we tell a story? It’s all a game if you really think about it.

At home, I work while watching my favorite TV shows. I work while I am waiting to pay for my groceries. I work while I am waiting for Caleb to come out of school. Little check-ins all day long. That’s the reality of my industry. You always have to be available… or they will just move on and replace you. Period.

Despite having this embedded in my DNA, there is one moment in my life that I will NOT WORK. I actually mentally and physically cannot handle working because it’s impossible for me to process anything at all. My brain cannot figure out the escape. My body will not open up my computer. I won’t even read a book.

When I’m on a plane – all bets are off.

When I walk on a plane, I want my cheese and fruit platter and a set of headphones. That’s about all I can handle. I’m not a nervous flyer – or maybe I am? Who knows? I usually thank God for the life he gave me right before take off and accept the fact that I am going to die between cloud 200 and 201. Then I indulge in mindless entertainment and cheese until I miraculously make it to the other side. When I come out breathing, it’s always unexpected and acts as a start to a great day! Ok, maybe I am a nervous flyer. LOL!

For a time, I had this really weird thing where I had to eat a chicken salad sandwich before taking a flight. Literally – no matter the time of the day. I would eat them for breakfast and people would look at me like I was insane. BUT I was doing it for the greater good because by eating that sandwich, I was keeping the airplane from crashing. True story.

Then one day, we were flying back from some super small airport and they didn’t sell chicken salad sandwiches and I just about had a heart attack right there on the spot. But you know what? We made it! BIG SPOILER, RIGHT?

Maybe my new chicken salad sandwich is “no working up in the air,” right? It makes sense. I physically CANNOT work while en route. Either way, I’m happy for it. I use that time to catch up on all my movies, level up on a few game apps, and even close my eyes whenever I can.

What do you do when you fly? Do you work? Or do you relax?

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Won't Work On A Plane

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