Will I Ever Be The Mom Who Can Do This?

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A few months ago, I met Mindy from Cute Girls Hairstyles down at Disney Social Media Moms. If I’m being completely honest with you, I had never heard of her account before but everyone around me was practically levitating at her social media status. We kept getting lumped into the same circles and I got to know her a bit. She was absolutely charming and completely down to Earth.

I instantly became a fan of the person. Super sweet woman.

I started following her accounts all over the web but haven’t thought to actually try anything until TODAY. With Back to School in full swing, I want this year to be the year that I actually KNOW WHAT I’m DOING in the hair department. I mean, I feel like I am FAILING my daughter! She is 10 and I can barely do a ponytail and NO I am not kidding.

The first video that caught my eye off of Mindy’s channel (and yes, you should absolutely subscribe if you are like me), was this tornado twist. I feel sort of confident about it. Could it be? Is it possible? Can I do this?! I don’t know?! I’m going to give it a go tomorrow and see. For Natalie’s sake, I hope I can figure out a good 4 styles to lean on as my “go-to” looks for her.

It’s funny, because now that I realize WHO I was sitting next to all those days, I’m sort of regretting not getting her to teach me how to FRENCH braid. LOL! It’s ok. I preferred the conversations. Just saying… the technical knowledge would have been invaluable for this struggling mom.

Thank goodness for YouTube! 🙂

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