Why Is It So Hard To Relax?

Last week, I hired another writer to replace me on I’m Not Obsessed. After the scare we had with Liam, I just felt I wasn’t be present enough in the lives of my kids. It would be different if I was going to work and out of their sight. Instead, I am working at home telling them all the time that I can’t play. “Later – baby. Later”

It started to feel like it was happening all the time.

I’m getting older… and so are they. So, I decided to just let go of the control and stick to writing on LATB and working on events for Getting Gorgeous. Of course, there is still a TON to be done behind the scenes with INO, so I am constantly sending out tips / stories / images etc. to whoever is on schedule. I will never completely remove myself from that site, because INO is my BABY.

And now, I have a lot of downtime. I mean to the point where I actually went for a 30 minute walk yesterday. My husband was convinced I was possessed by an alien or really fit demon because that is SO out of character. I grabbed my iPod and just walked. I refuse to spend money on the gym because we all know how that ended up last year. I went like 3 months and then never again.

When I got home from my walk, I showered and felt really good. The kids were having a play date and once again I had nothing to do. So, I sat there thinking maybe I should run out and get a manicure but then decided against it because I would just be wasting money to waste time.

Instead, I just sat down at the table and started to read some magazines that were piling up. But that lasted about 5 minutes.

It was a very strange feeling. To slow down. To have nothing to do. I could have went to my office and worked (because there is ALWAYS something more to do), but I wouldn’t allow myself because I want to be more than just that. It’s been too many years of too much time spent online.

So, here I am with the brakes on…. ready to run again. What do you do during your downtime? I need a hobby…

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Try hot yoga! It’s so refreshing! I know I feel reenergized afterwards everytime!

    Posted 3.2.11
  2. Wheatly wrote:

    There’s an initial “shock” of finding yourself with free time when you make transitions. I think walking is a great start. It’s time to yourself, you’re getting exercise and you’re not too far from home. When the weather gets a little nicer and you’re able to go outside more, it won’t be an issue. Enjoy it!

    Posted 3.2.11
  3. Patty wrote:

    Right now, just enjoy it!
    If you really feel like doing something, I’m sure there is something in the house that needs to be done. (it’s always like that) If not try knitting…its so relaxing I love it 🙂

    Posted 3.2.11
  4. Kyle wrote:

    Get a Kindle. Never stop reading. It’s the best.

    Posted 3.2.11
    • Sherry wrote:

      I second Kyle’s suggestion. After work each night I have no idea what to do with my time – the house is clean, supper is done, my kids are older and doing their own things, so I read. And watch a little tv or a movie. Or hang out with my husband. Or rearrange a room. LOL It’s REALLY hard to deal with sometimes. My days are like crazy busy and then the evening comes and I’m losing my mind at the lack of direction! LOL The Kindle ROCKS my world. 🙂

      Posted 3.2.11
  5. Jen wrote:

    I admire you. How are you able to share personal stuff online with strangers? It must be hard sometimes? How do you draw the line as to what is too personal? I mean, this seems like a good amount, something we can all relate to. Did you learn through trial and error?
    Slowing down…we all need for good health.

    Posted 3.2.11
  6. The first time I had extra free time I didnt know what to do. LOL. Eventually you’ll remember something that you use to enjoy doing that stopped when your online life took over.

    I LOVE reading so when I can sneak time I grab a book but there’s other simple things you could do like, watch that movie you always wanted to see, write a letter, read those piles of magazines, sort the kids toys/clothes

    Or you could do something just for yourself like you said…find a new hobby. Enjoy your free time!

    Posted 3.3.11
  7. samantha wrote:

    Spend time with my kids. You stopped working to slow down. Enjoy them. It goes fast.

    Posted 3.3.11
  8. Chaucee wrote:

    My hobby is going out and taking photographs. I also really enjoy thrifting.

    Posted 3.4.11

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