Why Facebook Is Important For Your Business: Matt Jacobson’s Talk At Disney Social Media Conference

Today, I was lucky enough to hear Matt Jacobson – the 8th original employee and head of market development of Facebook – speak during the social media moms conference in Disney World.

The web today is organizing around people and moms are the people to talk to! You can use the Internet to build your brand and manage your online identity while maintaining complete control over the content.  Facebook is a really easy way to connect with your brand’s audience and provide a personal component to your business. After all, everyone wants to feel like they KNOW their favorite companies personally, right? That’s what makes blogging so successful.

SO, what are people doing on Facebook? They are doing what their friends are doing. Impact one person and impact their entire group of followers.

The more interactive you are with your Fan Page, the more likely your fans will interact back which will result in their followers taking notice of your online presence.

Did you know that:

  • 92% of moms are checking up on what their friends / families are doing
  • 50% of moms are finding out about brands and companies on Facebook

Here are a few tips that Matt Jacobson offered during the Disney Social Media Moms conference:

How to get the most out of Facebook for your blog:

  • Step 1: Create a page and post your blog stories (use Notes tool to import)
  • Step 2: Integrate social plugins on your blog (like Digg Digg for WordPress)
  • Step 3: Advertise to target new moms and build your business
  • Step 4: Use insight tools to better understand your audience

General Facebook Tips / Information (from the presentation):

  • Be sure to separate your public page and your personal profile.
  • Use your privacy policies — create buckets and be sure to enact privacy standards per list. This way you can manage and control your data.
  • Visit Facebook Stories for a place to see some videos that will make you cry! Ok – maybe it’s just me.
  • Be sure to check out Inside Facebook for EVERYTHING FACEBOOK (including job offerings)
  • Deals are coming to Facebook! Bargain hunters – here we come.
  • Worried about age limits and people getting online before the approved age of 13? Don’t contact Facebook. It’s the job of the parent to control the situation
  • Biggest photo uploaders on Facebook — teenagers and women over 25+
  • There’s about 700,000 sites that are using Facebook login credentials
  • No revenue sharing coming up
  • New trend – FACEBOOK PLUGINS (bringing Facebook functionality to your website) — lots coming out over the next few months
  • Don’t get “spammy” on Facebook (or Twitter) – be critical about what you are sending out. That way it will be of value
  • Skittles does a GREAT job on Facebook – look at their model

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