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Why Every Parent Should Sign Their Kids Up For Frequent Traveler Miles

Why Every Parent Should Sign Their Kids Up For Frequent Traveler Miles

All three of my children have frequent flyer miles accounts that were created when they were very young. I’m talking about their diaper phases. It was important for me to do so because we are a family that travels and truly believes in the power of brand loyalty. I am not someone who continuously changes airline carriers or hotel chains. I stick to the same brands and reap the rewards because of it. I’ve been Platinum on Delta for many years and whenever I take a vacation with my children and my husband, I make sure that we choose to fly on one of their planes.


If I am benefitting from their traveler’s frequent flyer program, then why shouldn’t my family? Of course, my kids don’t fly as often as I do. But when they do, they should log in that time. It only makes sense. Otherwise, those miles get lost and are wasted.

Here’s what I am thinking. I get 18 years with my children. Maybe we will take one or two trips a year on a plane, right? That’s a good estimate. Personally, I take about 20 trips a year for work – that’s why I hit my status. Of COURSE, I don’t expect my kids to reach platinum. But over 18 years,  hopefully together we will average about 20 -30 trips as a team. When they are of college age, I will be able to gift them their account – along with all of the miles that they’ve earned over their lifetime.

What will this amount to? Several free tickets!!! For nothing! Nothing out of my pocket. Nothing out of their pocket. It’s literally tickets they earned throughout their lives because we chose to be loyal to one airline. We would have flown all those flights with or without those frequent flyer accounts, right? So, why not just take the 20 minutes it will cost you to sign your kids up? Give them the gift of travel.

This gift will take 18 years to unwrap. Yes, it’s true. But what a PRESENT they will receive once they are old enough to accept it!!!

Travel is everything.

Travel is the ultimate lesson.

Travel is what comes up when it is quiet at night and when memory takes over your soul.

Travel bonds.

Travel ignites passion.

Travel can be the start of a new beginning.

Sign your kids up today.

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