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Whirlpool Convection Over the Range Microwave

Are you looking for a new over the range microwave? The Whirlpool Convection Over-the-Range Microwave is not only beautifully designed but it smarter than your average microwave! Wait until you hear WHY.

Over the Range Microwave

Best Over The Range Microwave

Whirlpool® smart home appliances are purposely designed for the way you live. Features like “Control from anywhere” connect you when you need it, wherever you are. Their appliances keep up with you, so you can keep up with the ones you love.

Enjoy mealtime flexibility and control your appliances from any room in your home, managing mealtime with the click of a button to make holiday cooking and entertaining smarter, and easier. Whether using the touchscreen or controlling your range or microwave from your phone, Whirlpool’s connected appliances help keep mealtime hassle-free on your busiest days.

Did you ever think that you would be able to control your microwave from your phone? Here’s a few other amazing things you can do with the Whirlpool Convection Over-the-Range Microwave.

Get The Right Settings Every Time:

Scan a frozen food barcode with your smartphone or tablet and send recommended or customized cooking instructions straight to your microwave for dinner done the way your family wants it.

WHAT?????? What planet do we live on!? Can you believe that we are at this point in kitchen design? I am obsessed with this. You know when sometimes you are heating something up and it says to heat it first for 2 minutes and then three minutes and UGH. Well, now your microwave can help you muddle through the instructions.

A Customized Experience:

From customized recipes to a customized experience, the touchscreen on the Smart Microwave learns, adapts and suggests customized presets based on your family’s routines. The dynamic system tracks preferences to learn family favorites – from what families cook, when they cook and how they cook.

So, here’s the thing – my daughter makes grits every single morning before school. It is her THING. She absolutely loves it. Well, with the Whirlpool Convection Over-the-Range Microwave, we can preset some of her typical cooking options to make her routines a bit easier. LOVE IT!

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• “WiFi & App Required. Features subject to change. Details and privacy info at”
• “Appliances must be set to Remote Enable”

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