Where Has The T3 Been All My Life? The Blow Dryer That Changed My Life


Man! I am so dramatic.

Many moons ago I attended a Pantene event where I drilled my hair stylist for hours about every beauty question I ever wanted answered. The two takeaways that I have to share today are both about tools.  Apparently, my cheap hair dryer was doing damage to the ends of my hair. I also was using the wrong brush for straightening.

It only took me a month to actually act on this news. Yes, I’m fast like a viper.


A new store opened up by my house a few months ago and I thought I’d swing by to see if they had the T3 – the blow dryer my stylist recommended. I couldn’t believe the selection! The people in the store must have thought I was crazy taking pictures, but I couldn’t resist.

It was a little pricey. Ok, a lot pricey. Over $100!  {Editor’s note: I paid more in the store than the above link to Amazon. I should have checked online before making the purchase.} I’ve had my old blow dryer since college, so I gave in and made the purchase anyway.

This puppy is HOT. SUPER HOT. And my hair looked like I used a flat iron. It was wonderful! What a difference a tool can make. If you are using an old hair dryer, consider switching to one of the newer lines. There is truth to what I’m saying here. I LOVED the way my hair came out.

The Pantene stylist also told me to get a brush that had two different types of bristles – hair and plastic. I’ve being using this over-sized round brush and he said it wasn’t the right choice. I upgraded and am so happy I did.

Do you have a hair dryer that you use and love? Share your link in the comments section below.

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  1. Leslie wrote:

    Until I recently had time off work, I had let all my Glamour, Marie Claire and Lucky mags stack up. I was going through a Glamour (2007) the other day and saw an amazing blow dryer. It supposedly was infused w/conditioners that were deposited when you used it – supposed to make your hair shiny and silky. I have a tumbleweed for hair – it’s curly and thick and down to my waist. I want to cut it off but I’m afraid it will be a small shrub on my head LOL! What a pain.

    Posted 6.4.10
  2. Leslie wrote:

    I also want to get one of those incredible Mason & Pearson brushes that I always read about…but they cost A LOT! I recently read that Sonya Krusak (sp?) who has a cosmetics line at Target has a knock-off M&P brush for $15. Next time I go to Tar-jay, I am seeking this brush out.

    Posted 6.4.10
    • Jamie Lynne wrote:

      I’m not sure, I’m wondering too?

      Posted 6.4.10
  3. Jamie Lynne wrote:

    Omg. I would love too buy some of this stuff

    Posted 6.4.10
  4. Kyle wrote:

    I just LOL’ed SO hard.

    Fast like a viper. That’s totally how I describe you to other people 🙂

    Posted 6.4.10
  5. Ashley wrote:

    I use an Elchim blowdrier that my friend who’s a hairdresser got me. It’s sooooo hot it’s ridiculous but it makes my hair so smooth. I also have a Mason Pearson brush (small one) that I got in London. I use it on my daughter’s hair and it’s really amazing. Worth the money, you’ll use it for the rest of your life.

    Posted 6.7.10

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