When You’re On A Diet And The World Is Against You

So, I just started to eat healthier and to be honest with you – I don’t like to think of my journey as a diet. Instead, it’s just a lifestyle change. But BOY that struggle is real.

If you’ve ever tried to change your eating habits, I think this post will resinate with you in some way.

In the beginning, you stick to your guns and are appalled at your friends when they try to share their fries.



But then eventually you cave and are shocked when your pals buy into your program.



So, you start to get desperate for gluten and try to get it anywhere you can.



And literally start questioning everything you know about food.



Eating out becomes an issue because no one seems to have a metabolism issue but you.



Which causes you to become hyper sensitive over everything…



This forces you to eat every meal at home – your safe zone. Salad tastes so much better alone anyway.



But let’s be honest — you have to go to work eventually. And those bi**hes at the office love them carbs.



That doesn’t matter though — you still stand strong!



Actually who am I kidding?



So, you decide that instead of dieting… you will just eat in moderation.



After all, it’s important to eat consciously. Eat to live. Not live to eat.



What a revelation! Maybe you should throw a party!



A party with cake…



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