What Is Pinterest? How Can I Make The Most Use Out Of It?

Ok guys – Pinterest is my new favorite website. And I mean it. It’s everything I ever wanted out of Twitter and Facebook… but on a much larger scale. Perhaps you don’t think you have time to sign up for a new account – you don’t really HAVE to! Pinterest doesn’t make you sign up to take advantage of the wonders it holds.

I have to break it down. Hopefully at the end of this post, you will be a Pinterest convert.

Let’s start at the beginning: What is going on when I click on Pinterest’s home page?

Pinterest is basically a website for people to “pin” their interests on a virtual board. When you click on Pinterest.com, you are taken to a view of ALL pins that the staff thinks are worthy to view. I thought at first that the main page will literally show every pin from every user. However, as I started to actually use the site, I noticed this is not the case.

I actually love the home page because it gives me access to people I don’t actually know. There’s a really great chance that I am going to come across something fabulous and fresh every time I go there… which is often!

What can I do Β on Pinterest?

You can observe or you can participate: Maybe you just like looking at pretty pictures. Perhaps you are in need of some inspiration? Pinterest can even help you with your dinner plans! It is everything to everyone!!

Let me explain. I am a sucker for fashion. When I first got my account, I started a “Fashion and Beauty” board and started to “pin” pictures I liked from other websites that relate to this topic. I am OBSESSED with marking my favorite looks, accessories, and outfits. It’s a great way for me to store everything I need and reference it later. Color combos. Different ways to wear a scarf. Amazing knee high boots. Pinterest allows me to keep it all in one place. Magic I tell you. Magic.

Here’s the best part – or one of the best parts. Let’s say I’m on the homepage of Pinterest, and I come across a picture I like. I can A) “Like” the picture. This basically means I’m giving a nod to the person who pinned it. My name gets attached to the bottom of the page showing that I liked the image. But NOTHING gets placed on my actually boards for future reference. I tend to “like” a lot of images because Pinterest is very much a community. It’s a virtual high five… if high fives were still cool.

If you REALLY LOVE what you are seeing, you could B) “Repin” the picture to one of your boards.

You can have a billion boards. I started out with maybe 5 or so, but now I’m spanning out to include everything I adore – trees, beaches, cute puppies – you name it!

If you repin a picture, it is forever logged on one of your boards and all your friends will see that pic. It’s an amazing way to express your likes and interests with your friends and followers.

Feel like leaving a comment? Then C is your choice. You can respond to a pinner and let them know your thoughts on their image. Again – community feel. Truth be told, I rarely comment…

What are some examples of Pinterest boards?

Glad you asked!

  • Places you want to visit
  • Recipe ideas
  • Cocktail mixtures
  • Color themed
  • Nail Polish ideas
  • Holiday crafts
  • After school projects for your kids
  • Home Decoration – Inspiration
  • Love
  • Wedding
  • Stationery
  • Nature – trees, birds, landscapes, beaches – whatever floats your boat. Hey you could even have a board about boats!
  • ETC

It’s limitless. I started a GEEK board and have everything from Harry Potter inspired toys to MAC jokes. It’s SO MUCH FUN!

But how can I start to find people I want to follow on Pinterest?

Pinterest allows you to link up your Facebook and Twitter accounts. SO, I automatically had 400+ people to follow and I just followed them ALL. Why not?? I want to be inspired – and the more the merrier.

Here’s another fun way to find people to follow on Pinterest. You see on the bottom right of the above image. Beneath the picture of the outfit there is a name Pascaline. You can see that she repinned an image that was originally put on Pinterest by Brenda. If you click on Brenda, you can take a look at her boards and see if she is someone you want to connect with. I LOVE to do this because it gets me to people I would have NEVER connected with otherwise.

Have I sold you on Pinterest yet?

It’s FREE to join. It’s free to look at. You don’t have to have an account and actually pin things – but it’s definitely AWESOME if you do.

Let’s say I want to make tacos tonight for dinner. I could do a typical search on Google. ORRRRRRR I could head on over to Pinterest and check out what recipes that community placed online.

Why is this the better solution??? Because then you will find a new website from someone who isn’t necessarily backed by a huge corporation but is talented in the kitchen nevertheless. I LOVE finding recipe blogs with great pictures. Pinterest is basically an awesome tool to navigate through it all.

Looking for a new hairstyle? Yup – Pinterest has you covered there as well. ANYTHING you want to search on – it will be there.

Endless opportunity I tell ya!!

Check out Pinterest!! And if you want to follow me – here I am. Enjoy!!!

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  1. Melissa wrote:

    Thanks for the blog on pintrest. I really like the idea of pintrest but was not sure if I was using it the right way. The recipe idea is a great one. I have also been using it to collect ideas for redecorating my son’s room

    Posted 10.11.11
  2. Kyle wrote:

    You’re welcome πŸ˜› Haha, I KNEW you would love it! It is freaking addictive is it not? Not to mention great for driving traffic to your site!

    Posted 10.11.11
    • Vera wrote:


      Posted 10.12.11
  3. Sherry wrote:

    I’ve been using it and it reminds me a lot of the Etsy treasuries – only you can add things from anywhere, not just etsy. lol. πŸ™‚

    Posted 10.12.11
  4. I am sold — going to put on the to-do list and move to the top –> pinterest! Rachel

    Posted 10.12.11
  5. julie wrote:

    Okay you totally have me wanting a Pinterest account! Can I have an invite? ([email protected])

    Thank you so much!

    Posted 11.16.11
    • Vera wrote:

      done! πŸ™‚

      Posted 11.16.11
  6. Kellie wrote:

    I really enjoyed your blog about Pinterest! Do you have to be invited?

    Posted 11.29.11
  7. Nancy wrote:

    Definitely loving it so far, can I have an invite? πŸ™‚

    Posted 12.1.11
  8. I’m convinced…could I get an invite also?

    Posted 12.5.11
  9. Cassandra wrote:

    Absolutely LOVE your blog!! The way you explained how Pinterest works was quite helpful….so thank you! Only thing I’m not clear on is joining…do you have to be invited? Might be a silly question but remember, just learning…thanks!

    Posted 12.5.11
  10. kelly wrote:

    Can I get an invite? I LOVE Pinterest!

    Posted 12.6.11
  11. Georgia wrote:

    Thanks so much…..did not know what this was and now I do.

    Posted 12.9.11
  12. Lisa wrote:

    Please please please send me an invite [email protected]

    Posted 12.9.11
  13. Susan wrote:

    Can I have an invite as well? How long does it take to get a response for an invite from the website itself? I guess I don’t understand why you have to have an invite and not just sign up like you do with Facebook, etc. But if you will, would you send me an invite? [email protected]

    Posted 12.9.11
  14. Kimberley wrote:

    Love your blog! It was exactly what I was looking for when I searched google for “What is Pinterest” ! Thank you!! Can I get an invite? [email protected]

    Thank you!!

    Posted 12.11.11
  15. Anonymous wrote:

    Can you post pictures you’ve saved on your computer rather than from sites on the internet?

    Posted 12.12.11
  16. Sara wrote:

    hi! i love love love this blog post about pinterest! i love your blog as well! Can I get an invite? πŸ™‚ I’d love to try pinterest.

    Posted 12.17.11
  17. Nali wrote:

    Your blog definitely explains Pinterest in better terms than I understood its use. Now, I so want to join! Anyone know how long it takes to get an invite if you are on the wait list?

    Posted 12.29.11
  18. Denise wrote:

    May I have an invite? Please and thanks!!

    [email protected]

    Posted 12.29.11
  19. jai wrote:

    Thank You so much for this blog! I was tearing my hair out putting my ideas together for my DIY wedding and I saw Pininterest on another wedding blog and had no idea what they was talking about. You were very clear and made it look user friendly, so I look thru the website and I’m in love!! How can I get an invite?

    Posted 12.30.11
  20. kristina wrote:

    hi can i have an invite please

    [email protected]

    thank you πŸ™‚

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    I would love an invite! Thanks!

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  22. Debbie wrote:

    Please invite me to this great site!

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  23. Norman wrote:

    Very interesting!! Lovely blog!!

    Please, could you repin this pic?? http://pinterest.com/pin/214484000973597869/

    Thank you so much!!

    Posted 3.30.12
  24. Terry Sutherland wrote:

    totally love the website,Pinterest is so cool.Definetely goin to follow you.Thanks for all the info,

    Posted 6.29.12
  25. Cindy wrote:

    I Luv pinterest but I am a little frustrated because when I go to repin all of my boards do not show up. I sent emails to them but they do not reply. Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions?

    Posted 7.8.12
  26. Katrin wrote:

    Hi, First i have to appologize of that my English is not very good. I like Pinterest a lot. I like it due to the reason it gets me inspired when i need it the most. I used to like pins first for further actions either to pin or unlike (in case i already have one already). Unfortunately i got too thorough. When i finished i had a lot of likes. Week ago i wanted to organise my likes, but unfortunately i dont have access to my likes. There is “fetching pins” below and stays fetching … I turned to Pinterest help, but it seems that they have a lot more issues to solve … Can you suggest what to try to get access to these pins?

    Posted 9.10.12

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