What Can I Buy For $.34?

Yesterday I ran to the mall to try to buy a winter coat. The ones I have don’t really go with Uggs – which is what I typically wear during the colder months. I needed something casual but still girly. I had a gift card from Macy’s with $195 on it so I thought it would be best to take my chances there.

I’m not even going to talk about the madness that was the parking lot.

Once I made it into the store I found a really nice coat that was originally $299 reduced to $99. This was the one I would buy.

I headed over to the register and handed the lady my card. She said there’s a $.34 balance and I thought that’s what I had to pay. So I handed her a dollar still confused that my card was half empty.

She then told me that the card had $.34 on it – not that I owe her $.34. Again – I couldn’t process what she was saying and said she can throw out the card because I don’t want the $.34. I swear this woman probably thinks I’m insane.

Finally she spoke as slowly as she could and told me that I still owe her like $98 bucks because there was nothing on the card.


What do you mean?

What happened to my money?

Apparently I spent it a long time ago and forget to throw the card out.  I was so BUMMED! But I still really needed the coat. I ended up getting 20% off because I used my Macy’s card and they had an extra promotion. So from $300 to $80 something – not bad.

Getting it for free on the gift card would have obviously been better – but it is what it is. 🙂 Have you ever had a moment like this where you couldn’t PROCESS what someone was saying because it was so FAR OFF from what you were initially thinking?

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  1. no.. thats definitely just a vera moment 😉

    Posted 12.16.10
  2. Maria wrote:

    I’ve been there!!!! and they look at you like you are not from this planet lol some people even get angry when you don’t get it right away.

    Posted 12.16.10
  3. Sounds like something I would do. I would probably have argued and made a real jerk of myself. Don’t feel bad you’re not alone!

    Posted 12.16.10
  4. Sarah wrote:

    So have been there many, many times. You need to either start writing the balance on the back of the card with a Sharpie on the back…or keeping all you gift cards in a GiftCard.log where you can track what you’ve spent. 🙂 XO

    Posted 12.16.10

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