What Are These Silly Bandz And Why Are They Ruining My Life?


On Mother’s Day, my daughter’s cousin was wearing silly bandz. Apparently, these little bracelets are all the rage with our youth. I didn’t really know anything about it, but when Natalie saw them she went WILD.

“Those are silly bandz! Everyone has them. Mommy can you get me some?”

I thought it was interesting that Natalie already knew about something like this, but paid it no mind. Then my cousin Erica walked in with an armful and Natalie exploded again. Erica is a High School teacher and her students gave her a few over this past year. Immediately, I felt like I was doing Natalie an injustice and NEEDED to know where to get them.


(making my surprise Mother’s Day present with Bill)

Then I stopped. It has begun. The thing I said I never wanted to be. The parent that wants to keep her child happy by making sure she has what her group of friends have. The one thing I HATE MOST about moms of older children… has officially consumed me. I’ve been taken… and I thought I was so strong.

A few months ago I overheard two moms talking about how they HAD to buy their daughters UGGS for Christmas because they were begging for them. Mind you – the children they were talking about were 6!!! In my head, I was being smug and condescending.  Passing judgments and all that… yet here I am. Guilty as charged. Silly Bandz have ruined me. And you know no matter how hard I am going to try to resist it, I’m going to find those darn plastic bracelets and succumb to the pressures of parenting. Will it make me a better mom? Absolutely NOT. But will it make me feel good to know that Natalie is happy? You better believe it. {hangs head low with shame}

How do you deal with this sort of pressure? Do you cave? Or do you try to intentionally avoid these purchases?

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  1. Michele S. wrote:

    This just happened to me as well w/ my 4 year old daughter and I didn’t have to buy them because her Aunt bought them for her. They are very inexpensive compared to UGGS!!!

    Posted 5.11.10
  2. ashmeljer wrote:

    omg, Vera…I went to 4 diff store this weekend looking or these darn silly bandz…..i got a few packs for my girls (9 and 5 yrs). Apparently its all the rage in 3rd grade! lol. i totally caved on this one…but $2.99 a pack is WAY cheaper than UGGS! Found them at Walgreens of all places. Glow in the dark to boot….I was a Hero on Mother’s Day!

    Posted 5.11.10
  3. alagirl wrote:

    Just wait until she starts school…then it really begins. I recently bought a Phiten necklace (yes I had to google because I thought my 13 yr old son said fighting-and I was not going to buy that) We can’t wear Old Navy anymore-it has to be Abercrombie or American Eagle. We in the south are also on Silly Bandz-I need to come up with something that simple and get rich!

    Posted 5.11.10
  4. johanna wrote:

    Vera, my son just asked for these today on the ride home from school (he’s six). I had no idea what they were so your post came at the right time *LOL* I guess I will be running around tomorrow trying to find some.

    Posted 5.11.10
  5. Mary wrote:

    The Lake Success shopping center the card store has them at 2.99. I only know this because my cousin told me I dont know what is cool/popular anymore. So i sent her one pack to prove my “coolness”. I also bought her real uggs, Coach and Juicy. So, i am one of those people to blame. LoL as long as you dont pay full price. lol

    Posted 5.11.10
  6. Hope wrote:

    $5 for silly bands, or $100 for UGGS… I would totally cave to sb and still think like you do with the UGGS.

    Posted 5.12.10
  7. Mary wrote:

    My son’s high school classmates are all wearing these! I am currently sporting a flamingo. 🙂 Love ’em!

    Posted 5.12.10
  8. Vera wrote:

    THANKFULLY I am not alone. 🙂 LOL!! The problem I see is that it starts with something small like Silly Bandz and then it ends up a much larger purchase like UGGS. I feel like I am on the road to mass destruction. Doing my best to save myself. 🙂

    Posted 5.12.10
  9. Laura wrote:

    Don’t worry, Vera. I did exactly the same thing with my daughter. She wanted these little plastic collectible things called Gogos. Everyone at school had them so I got her a few packs, they were £1 for 2 in a pack so not too bad. It was just a phase though and she got bored of them. On to the next fad soon, I’m sure!

    Posted 5.13.10
  10. Leslie wrote:

    I have never heard of Silly Bandz. Question – are the kids painting with french fries?

    Posted 5.16.10
  11. Vera wrote:

    No Macaroni – they made me a necklace. 🙂

    Posted 5.16.10
  12. Leslie wrote:

    So cute… they are the sweetest kids 🙂

    Posted 5.16.10

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