We Created A Family Contract Last Night And Everyone Signed It

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Last night, I sat my kids down and started an open dialogue about the new school year. After all, Back to School is the NEW YEAR for families. With a notebook in my hand, I asked every member in my family what they wanted to see more of and less of this September and beyond. We left no stone unturned and when I tell you that I didn’t hold back… believe me.

I literally listed out every single one of my inner wishes. Things like:

  • Be kinder to one another
  • Start “Taco Tuesday” to make it simpler for me during the week
  • Get my wedding ring fixed
  • Mount the television above the fireplace
  • Family game night
  • Create and maintainĀ a monthly budget
  • No wifi for the whole family during set hours
  • Earned allowances
  • CARE about everything you do in life — (overall theme)
  • etc

There are 8 pages worth of notes that we came up with. My children wanted things like more fruit with dinner and weekly movie nights. I added everything in – whatever anyone said – because this was a family plan and I thought it was important to make my children feel like they were a part of it all.

Then, at the end of it all, we each signed it and added our thumbprints. This puppy is hanging on our fridge and I told EVERYONE that I will get a lawyer if anyone doesn’t follow these new rules. After all, they SIGNED IT! LOL

Truly, I hope that this little activity – which took over an hour by the way – will help us all stay on track. If the kids leave their toys all over the place as per usual… I’m just going to point at our family contract to remind them that they promised to not do that anymore. I’m PRAYING this will work! It’s my last hope!!! I need order in my life of chaos and I can’t fight the tide anymore. I thought that if I got everyone board it would actually be easier to do it all together. That’s the hope anyway.


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