Want To Be On TV? Here’s 3 Casting Calls

Please note: I am not affiliated with these listings. You must contact the email address associated with each casting call for more information.


Email: [email protected]

Media Outlet: Oxygen

I am an Associate Producer for a major cable network television called “Jersey Couture” on Oxygen. We are currently casting the next season and are looking for some diverse energetic women to appear on the show. Interested…?

Do you need to find the perfect dress for a HUGE event coming up? Do you have a larger than life personality? Are you opinionated? Is your 40th birthday this year? What about the homecoming dance? Your wedding or vow renewal? Your big charity event? Maybe even your baby shower? Whatever the event is, our experts can help you outshine the rest if you let us help you find your dress!

If you or someone you know is looking to make a grand entrance in a dress to die for, then we want to hear all about it. Jersey Couture is gearing up for another season of fashion and fun, and we are looking for huge personalities to fill some pretty incredible dresses … all you have to do is shop!

If you are a woman who lives in the tri-state area, or will be coming here to shop, and would LOVE to be on camera while we help you find your perfect fit, then send us an email at [email protected]. Please include your contact info (full name, phone number, where you live, etc.), the event you are shopping for, the date of your event and a photo of yourself. We will send you an application as soon as possible.



Email: [email protected]

Media Outlet: CBS News Network

I’m doing a story on “collaborative consumption”- how today challenging economy has driven many consumers to *share instead of *buy … everything from pets like ponies or dogs, cars to boats, leaf blowers to lawn mowers to you name it. For example, vet bills get very expensive so a couple single moms may buy a dog or pony, etc, and split the costs of food, vet bills, etc.

They wouldn’t have to pay for boarding when they go out of town for work because the other will take care of the pet. Or maybe it’s a piece of garden or farm equipment, or even sharing a vehicle or bicycle. I’ve heard there are families today that are choosing to share the costs and ownership of unusual pets like miniature horses, because of belt-tightening in these difficult economic times? Know anyone sharing expenses instead of purchasing by themselves? Open to any scenario. Thanks.

I’m interested in passionate, articulate people, single parents with children, or friends and neighbors, or even strangers, who are trying creative ways to share necessities or pets in order to make ends meet. Prefer west coast based characters.


Email: [email protected]

Media Outlet: ABC TV news affliate in Southeast Florida

Looking for a husband and wife willing to talk about how they have changed/swapped traditional roles in their relationship

couple needs to be in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach area and must speak English.


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