VIDEO: Intro Of My Time On Emeril’s TV Show

I know I made a MUCH longer recap for Bill of when he went on Emeril’s TV show, but this is a crazy day and I figured it would just be easier to shorten the recap. Besides, my son Liam was SO excited when he saw me that he kept talking. (so cute)

Either way, here I am with Emeril!! That food was SO GOOD. I still can’t believe I had Emeril cook a meal for me!!! 😉

I’m sitting with Dana, Colleen, Audrey and Whitney.

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  1. That’s you Mom, that’s you!

    Love it. Cole was interested for all of about 60 seconds and then asked me to change the channel to Team Umizoomi.

    Posted 10.17.11
  2. That was such a fun show to watch! So thrilled for y’all that you got to be there!

    Posted 10.17.11

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