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Ubbi Diaper Pail Is Anything But Stinky

Ubbi diaper pails are unique because they are made of steel with a rubber gasket which seals odors in. They come in a wide array of colors and can fit into any nursery decor. Odor free, stylish, and functional. 

It’s a sure sign you’re about to become a parent when you get REALLY excited about a diaper pail, but with all of the awesome color choices for Ubbi diaper pails can you really blame me? No one likes to think about stinky diapers, but for parents those are a reality. Fortunately for us, we have Ubbi diaper pails to keep our nursery diaper-stink free and look cute doing it!

Ubbi Diaper Pail Is Anything But Stinky

Ubbi Diaper Pail Is Anything But Stinky

Ubbi diaper pails come in a wide array of colors from the subtle white and grey to the jazzier teal, orange and purple so there’s sure to be one that is the perfect fit for any nursery color scheme.

However, Ubbi diaper pails are more than just a pretty face. Ubbi diaper pails are unique because they are made of steel with a rubber gasket that seals odors in, instead of plastic which can absorb the offending diaper odors over time. This means that your Ubbi diaper pail not only traps offending odors in, but also remains odor free throughout the lifetime of the product. I took the Ubbi for a test run and I am happy to report that it is incredibly easy to load and very easy to use — even after a sleepless night with a crying baby. Ubbi even has easy to follow instructions and a video tutorial on their website to make the user experience as easy as possible but honestly once you’ve loaded one bag the process is very easy to replicate. One the bag is loaded, you simply slide open the top to discard a diaper and there is even a child proof lock on the opening in case you have an inquisitive toddler on the loose.

Ubbi Diaper Pail Is Anything But Stinky

One of my favorite features of Ubbi diaper pails is that they don’t require any special bags. This is a huge feature for me because I know from surveying other moms that diaper pails that seem less expensive when you purchase them quickly become more expensive over time as you have to purchase the specially designed bags to make your diaper pail work. Ubbi, on the other hand, uses regular kitchen bags so emptying your diaper pail is as easy as it is economical. As a bonus, one regular kitchen garbage bag in an Ubbi holds 38-50 diapers (depending on size) as opposed to one specialty bag per diaper in other diaper pails. This means the Ubbi diaper pail is much more environmentally friendly so you are helping the environment right along with your wallet. Clothing diapering? Ubbi has you covered! Ubbi also sells a washable and reusable cloth bag liner.

Ubbi cloth bag liner

In addition to the amazing array of colors Ubbi has to offer, they also have incredibly cute decal sets that you can use to decorate your Ubbi diaper pail. Each sheet contains 20 pre-cut, self-adhesive decals that are washable and removable so you can change the look of your Ubbi diaper pail if you change the decor of your nursery with subsequent babies. Genius!

Ubbi diaper pails retail for $79 and come in 12 eye-catching colors. To learn more about Ubbi diaper pails, visit them online, check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest or pick one up on their website or at any baby store near you!

Jane (EJ)

Wednesday 14th of May 2014

I just saw the Zcandy Apple Red Ubbi pail exclusively available at Target. It's on my list.

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