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Truthful Thursday: Social Honesty Starts With You #truthfulthursday



It’s here! Truthful Thursday!! I skipped all my other weekly posts this week because I’m on a press trip in Mexico and have to jet out of my room every morning but could NOT skip this one. This is a MUST WRITE for me.

Once a week, I going to open up and DUMP. Sometimes it might be a little heavy and sometimes it might not. It will all depend on my mood. I encourage you to do the same because nowadays it’s all pixie dust and unicorns online and it makes me want to kill somebody.

So, what’s my truth this week?

I have a dehabilitating fear of escalators. And I’m not KIDDING. Why bring this up today? Because I just went through the freaking Atlanta airport yesterday and trekked it all the way to the end of the Earth to get a Starbucks and had to go up and down a million escalators to go from one wing to the other and I died a little each time. I have a STRAIGHT UP FEAR. It’s horrific.

When I’m with my children, I get thrown into sheer panic and we just end up taking the elevator because I can’t handle it. I just cannot do it without Bill. If Bill isn’t with me, I can’t take my kids down alone. UP is ok. DOWN IS NOT!!!

There was a moment when Natalie and I were in an airport and I had a carry on and her and we were at an escalator and there was no elevator in sight. And I just froze. We stood there for 10 minutes. I couldn’t go down. I couldn’t leave my luggage. I couldn’t ask her to hold my luggage. I started to cry. Someone came up to me and I told them that I needed an elevator and they showed me where it was – right around the corner and I almost collapsed out of joy.


I fell when I was a child while going up on the Empire State Building. My shoe lace got caught in the escalator and my shoe was dragging me down and people were racing to take it off and I thought I was going to go down the entire way. From that moment, it’s just stuck with me. Unshakable.

So yeah, you don’t want to be near me when we have to take an escalator.

If I don’t have bags,I can do it but I need to really take a moment to get on and I can’t be rushed. I need to let a few steps go by and then I get on. There can’t be anyone behind me. I just need to do it on my own time.


What’s your confession? Share it here in a comment, in a link, or post in online using #truthfulthursday and tag me @verasweeney 🙂


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