Truthful Thursday: I’m Not Ashamed For Wanting To Be A Wife

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My husband and I make time every other week to go out on a date together. We also take vacations without the kids. Every weekend, we also get a sitter and go to an adult-only party in town. I live in a VERY SOCIAL neighborhood, especially in the summer. We constantly find time to be together sans kids.

Do we go to the movies on a regular basis like we used to before starting a family? No. It’s not like that. Let’s not get crazy. But my point is, I’m not against asking my mother to sleep over so I can head out with Bill and just be his wife.

Women wear many hats. This is an absolute fact. But sometimes, I just want to take off my mom hat and be a spouse for a few hours.

I have so many friends who tell me that they haven’t left their children alone in years, that it’s been ages since they’ve eaten a meal in silence, that they wouldn’t dare take a vacation without their little ones. And I just can’t wrap my head around it.

Yes. I’m a mom. Of course I’m a mom! I love my children to death. They are the air I breath… my absolute reason for living. But you know what? I’m also a wife. And I need to play that role too, don’t I? My relationship with my husband is important and I need to nourish that just as much as I do anything else.

Oh and one more thing – I’m human. So, that means that I need moments in my day where I am interacting with other like-minded people and not focusing on diaper rash and dicing up strawberries. It’s ok to need this by the way. This doesn’t make me evil.

“I wouldn’t dream of going away for a weekend with just my husband. I couldn’t be away from the kids for that long.”

How sad for you. The martyr. And how sad for your husband. In the end, our children leave us. They go to college and they start their own families and you know who you are left with? Your husband. So, you better hope that you’ve been watering that flower the last 18 years because if not, there will be a lot of mending that needs to happen.

It is possible to be a great mom and a great wife and a great woman all at the same time. It is ok to take a few hours on a Thursday night and go out to eat with your husband. Your children will see that their parents value one another and love one another outside of the family unit. How wonderful! What a gift you are giving them! I wish I saw that growing up.

Hopefully, this post will encourage you to pick up the phone, make a reservation, hire a babysitter and have a great night out because you deserve it.


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