Travel Tip Tuesday: Sign Your Children Up For Frequent Flyer Miles

I am going on two trips with my children this month and that’s a lot of flying time to bank. I knew that I was earning rewards on the flights – but my two kids were NOT. SO, I called up the airline that we are scheduled to use and asked about little kids earning rewards.

They said if the children are under 15, I would need to do it through the phone. Otherwise, they can go ahead and do it themselves. My children are 5 and 3 – so naturally I had to be the one to set it up. The only thing you need is an email address that isn’t already assigned to the airline.

Moving forward, my kids will be racking up miles just like their parents. A free trip is a free trip – and if we can all earn one by flying together – I SAY WHY NOT??

End result – sign up your whole family for frequent flyer programs. They could be 6 weeks old and still be earning points! As long as they are paying for a seat – they qualify.

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