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I am working with ZzzQuil to share my #TravelTipZzz for travel pros!

Summer is here and I bet that you have a vacation planned right around the corner. I’ve been flying like a mad woman this year. Honestly, during a six week stint, I visited LA twice, Orlando twice, Dallas and then China. Can you believe that?! I don’t know how I survived it all. There was a point where I didn’t know if I was coming or going… literally.

But I made it and I think through it all, I can honestly say that I can now get on a plane with my eyes closed. I have so many tips to share with you that I will probably write several posts focusing on this subject matter over the next few weeks. However, I wanted to start with my top FIVE.

I already gave some really great travel tips during my Today Show segment. Be sure to click here and refresh your memory about those! Below are five brand new ones to consider when you are hitting the road.

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Become a Points Fanatic:

If you are going to travel, then you need to decide on an airline and hotel chain that you want to become loyal to while you are away. By doing so, you will accumulate points that will entitle you to additional benefits including free trips. Consider getting their credit cards as well! For example, I have a Delta AMEX and a Starwood AMEX. Because I earn extra points / miles while paying my bills throughout the month, my husband and I haven’t paid for a hotel room in ten years. NOT KIDDING. When it comes to travel, it LITERALLY pays to be loyal!!!

Some people will argue that there are airlines that offer cheaper flights and it’s better to shop around and find a better deal while in the planning phase. But once you earn any sort of status with an airline, you will begin to enjoy upgrades during domestic flights and travel will become an entirely different experience. I rarely fly without getting upgraded to first class. I would say 9 out of 10 flights I get bumped up. Isn’t that worth a few extra dollars? I’m not paying for a first class ticket. I always buy a regular coach fare. But because I continuously fly one brand, they want to give me something in return to thank me for my continued support.

Fan. For. Life.

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TSA Pre Check Is My Everything:

TSA Pre Check makes so much SENSE. You fill out a quick form online and answer a few questions. Then you make an appointment, pay a small fee and BOOM – you avoid long lines for YEARS AND YEARS. My home airport is JFK … so I know what I’m saying when I write the words “long lines”. Security can take FOREVER in NY. But with TSA Pre Check, I’m good to go. I get through in under 5 minutes every single time. It’s everything a traveler ever wanted and more. The best travel hack EVER!!


Bring Something To Help You Sleep:

Like I said, I travel to different time zones all the time. When I went to China – WOAH – that was crazy. I mean, it was 12 hours ahead which meant that I lost my mind for a few days. I needed something to get me on schedule and I brought ZzzQuil with me to do the job. Total LIFE SAVER.

Even when I head to the West Coast, I bring ZzzQuil with me. When you go away, it’s usually for a short amount of time. You can’t waste it being exhausted. Your body needs to adjust as quickly as possible and get on the right schedule ASAP. I need something that is non-habit forming and fast acting. Believe me, this traveler ALWAYS has something with her. You should include ZzzQuil in your healthcare bag as well, just in case you are suffering from occasional sleeplessness.

You won’t regret it. In fact, when you wake up feeling refreshed and on point, you will thank me. 🙂

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Back Up Your Photos:

The most horrible thing happened to me while in China. Somehow my photo card became damaged when I returned home. YES! I used it on a second trip and it basically rendered all the photos on the card unusable. I can still SEE them on the disk, but I can’t open them. I mentioned it to a few of my photographer friends and they all told me that they constantly back up their photos as they go! Here’s how!

VIA PC / MAC: If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can click here and have access to their system for FREE. It’s a drag and drop system. Photos that are found on your computer can easily be saved on the Amazon system. If you already pay for Prime, you might as well use this feature.

VIA PHONE: You can use Google Drive and have your phone automatically backup pictures as soon as it’s connected to wifi. How amazing is that? Simply download this app to get started. The first plan is free but isn’t enough to save all your photos – trust me. I opted for the $9.99 a month plan. Now I know all my photos are backed up in one place and I am beyond thrilled with the protection!


Write Out / Print Out Your Schedule:

Ok. This is going to sound a little old school, but I always print everything I need before I hit the road. I know our phones are supposed to be our EVERYTHING, but do you know how many times I’ve gotten off a plane and realized that I had no battery left? PLENTY! Car Service numbers, hotel addresses, appointment times  – just in case – in my planner. Because why not? Better to be safe than sorry. Gosh, I sound like my mother. Next thing you know I’m going to tell you not to eat two hours after a meal. UGH.

That’s it! Those are my #TravelTipsZZZ to help you get started on the right path. Soon you will be hitting the road without batting an eyelash. Don’t ever ask me to teach you how to under-pack… because THAT I WON’T be able to do! 🙂

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What are your #TravelTipZzz? Would love to hear them.



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