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CES 2015! We went. We saw. Our feet are still hurting from all the walking. Yes, we were told to wear sneakers but… I don’t think so. I don’t care how wide of a layout Vegas had in store for me, flats were not an option.

Our focus this year during our first CES visit was to get a taste of it all. See what each category had to offer and boy was there a lot to take in. There’s no way you can possibly see it all and that goes for the overachievers as well. It’s just M-A-S-S-I-V-E. After three days of intense research (and a gondola ride – what? no judgement!!), we landed on our top 15 finds from CES 2015.


Take a look and let me know what you think!

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LG Twin Washer System: Tackle two loads at once with this new LG washer. Separate your whites from your colors or your delicates from your son’s dirty soccer uniform. The possibilities are endless! The bottom drawer is also  sold separately and works with already existing LG machines too. Incredible.

More information: LG

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Tech Armor Accessories:  Check out my new iPhone case. Fancy, right?! Tech Armor is taking the mobile accessories industry by storm and I couldn’t be happier for the two founders. One product that particularly stood out for me was the Tech Armor RetinaShield Blue Light Filter Screen Protectors.  Having trouble sleeping? Checking email right before you go to bed? Studies have proven that the blue light emitted by our electronics trick the brain into believing it’s still daytime. Tech Armor developed screen protectors that eliminate this light from our view! Amazing. Getting one for every tablet and phone in my house!!

More information: Tech Armor

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The Eye Tribe Eye Tracker: Ok, as a gamer I was all over this. Imagine being able to play a game like Fruit Ninja… with your EYES. What? That’s exactly what’s happening right now thanks to innovations made by this company.  

More information: Eye Tribe

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BMW i8: Wait what? Yes – I drove a BMW i8 while at CES. The taxi lines are insane!! So, BMW decided to offer up their most progressive sports car on the market to attendees to help them get around. With 3-D navigation, sporty driving performance and low consumption and emission figures, this was a dream come true. I tried to drive away and back to NY… but they were onto me. 🙁

More information: BMW i8

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Rocket Skates:  These were really fun to watch – although I have to be honest – I didn’t try them on! These strap-in, smart electric skates can propel their user 10 miles per hour. Pretty sweet. If you live in a city, you will appreciate the fact that you don’t have to take these off to climb up and down subway stairs. Simply tap forward and walk on your sneaker instead of the actual skate.

More information: RocketSkates

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Ultimaker 2 – As a fashion lover, when I saw what you can create from a 3D Printer, I was just speechless! The Ultimaker 2 was created to be as easy as possible to use, letting you focus on creating and using your objects instead of spending time troubleshooting your machine. Print files right from an SD card!! If you’re someone who has an eye for fashion and style, this is something you will love when creating new looks.

More information: Ultimaker 2

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Lenovo Vibe Xtension Selfie Flash: This is a game-changer for all #selfie lovers. The Lenovo Vibe Xtension Selfie Flash is one of my faves from CES. Let it be down, it doesn’t really flash but it’s an awesome steady light for you and your selfies. No more bad lighting for selfies, can I get an AMEN!! Amazing! You are also able to turn the Selfie Flash around and use it as a flash for your rear camera, too – which is awesome for me and my iPhone. Lenovo isn’t selling them in the U.S. yet, but will be available (hopefully) on their site soon! We will MOST CERTAINLY keep you updated.

More Information:

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Toshiba’s Virtual Dressing Room: Shut it down!! I was DYING over this!! Every woman in the universe will want this in their bedroom. Basically, you stand in front of the mirror, lift your hand up, and a new outfit gets transposed in front of your body. You can see what works on you and what doesn’t. If you see something you like, Toshiba will eventually offer purchase abilities to the tool. My credit card is in trouble.

More information: Toshiba

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SWASH Machine

It’s finally out in the world – the SWASH Machine! Audrey has had one in her home since July and she absolutely LOVES it. I’m someone who would go to my dry cleaner monthly to drop off blouses and blazers and dresses (never mind my husband’s stuff, too!). As a busy mom, if I didn’t have time to get to the dry cleaner, they clothes would just sit in a pile in my bedroom, untouched. SWASH is a 10-minute clothing care system that has clothes looking their best on your schedule.  You can refresh, de-wrinkle, preserve and restore your clothing! LOVE THIS TO THE MOON AND BACK! 🙂

More Information: SWASH Machine

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SleepIQ Kids Bed

Sleep Number hosted us while we were at CES and we had a wonderful time with them. At CES Sleep Number was launching their 1st ever KIDS BED, the SleepIQ Kids Bed. They formally launched and introduced to the world the only bed that grows with your child. It’s truly a smart bed for smart kids. The SleepIQ Kids bed features eight smart solutions that improve sleep for both parents and children:

  • Family connected, sleep perfected: The SleepIQ® technology sleep dashboard lets parents see how the whole family is sleeping.
  • Know the comfort they’re getting: The bed adjusts and grows with kids. They can adjust the firmness of their bed for comfort and support – their Sleep Number® setting.
  • Lifts them up when they’re down: Head-tilt feature is for reading in bed or comforting stuffy heads.
  • No more kiddos jumping out of bed: Alerts parents when their child is out of bed or restless.
  • Stars for young dreamers: Make bedtime fun again with rewards for good sleep.
  • Night bright, night light: Parents can turn lights off remotely-when their kids are sleeping tight.
  • Twinkle, tinkle: Soft under-bed light guides children when they get up during the night.
  • Monsters be gone!: Sleepyheads rest easy with a fearless monster detector.

We LOVED it!!

More Information: Sleep Number

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Under Armour – UA Record App

I am obsessed with this new app from Under Armour – UA Record. If you’re into fitness or an athlete (ANY LEVEL, they promise), this app is for YOU. It’s a health and fitness network that is dedicated to helping you lead a healthier life. You can track, analyze, and share your fitness activity with the worlds’ first social network for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It’s also a fabulous place to upload your fitness/health photos into the community. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Start your New Year off with a FITNESS BANG!

More Information: UA Record

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ecoATM: How many old phones do you have in your junk drawer? Fess up! We found a brand new way to recycyle your old phones, MP3 players and tablets without the hassle. Located pretty much where you shop, the ecoATM pays you for your old tech in only three steps.

More information: ecoATM

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Lenovo Horizon 2S:  I mean… come on. This is every gamer’s dream.  Audrey and I played Air Hockey for a few minutes, then leafed through a music library and scanned through some photos… together / at the same time.  Talk about the power of multi-tasking!  It’s a tablet. It’s a PC screen. It’s both. At 19.5 inches wide, it’s everything I wanted and more!!

More information: Lenovo

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Whirlpool Interactive Kitchen Concept

Quite honestly, one of the things at CES that truly left me speechless was Whirlpool’s Interactive Kitchen Concept, a true socially networked kitchen. I mean, all I could think about was hello world, meet the Jetson Family. Whirlpool had on-site at CES, a meet-the-future Whirlpool kitchen. Imagine your kitchen being a social media hub that syncs all of your kitchen devices. Imagine a true interactive backsplash behind your oven streaming in recipes and food pairings, while you’re able to email/Facebook/Tweet and FaceTime. This is the kitchen of the future! It was crazy to see this concept. The coolest thing ever!

More information: Whirlpool

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Griffin Products, KaZoo iPad Mini Case

I walked away from the Griffin booth at CES completely in love with the KaZoo products that they were featuring for kids. My kids all have some sort of technological device, so we’re always on the hunt for cool cases. I found them with KaZoo!  KaZoo’s animals are made of durable, soft silicone. And look! On the bottom, they added feet so you can keep your iPad mini upright on a desk or table! They have cases for iPods, iPhones and Samsung Galaxy, too!

More Information: Griffin, KaZoo products

What do you think of our round up? Audrey and I had a great time doing this write up!! Look out for more info on CES over the next few weeks. These were our absolute favorite picks!

Thanks again to Sleep Number for hosting our trip!

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