Today’s Obsession: Jewelry For Under $5

I always love to shop for online bargains and I found SO MANY FAB OPTIONS TODAY people! I mean – wait until you see!! I even bought a few because… how could I NOT? Please! It’s my DUTY to try these things out, right? A responsibility to the readers of Lady and the Blog! We are in this together – a united team if you will. (That’s what I tell my husband anyway)

Ok – let’s just get started. Here’s some on trend jewelry I found selling online for under FIVE BUCKS! Why are there so many caps in this post? Because I’m EXCITED!

Handmade Nepal Beaded Roll-on Bracelets - 33 Styles!

Handmade Nepal Beaded Roll-on Bracelets – 33 Styles! $3.99


Dainty Trio $2.99


Couture Inspired Earrings – $3.99


Silver and Gold Cutout Earrings – $3.99


Antler Ring – $4.99

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