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The Power Of Nurturing Relationships

Every day, Audrey McClelland and I post a daily tip over on our Permission to Hustle group to help spark a conversation within the group and get people thinking about how they can keep pushing their business forward. Today’s tip revolved around relationships and the simple things we can do to nurture them on a regular basis. It matters – all of it. The quick check-ins on social media, the personal notes you drop in the mail, the fact that you remember the names of your colleague’s children –> every last bit of it.

I’d argue that most of the opportunities that have been presented in my life have come from relationships. They haven’t come because I have more influence than another blogger or because I am a better writer. It’s because I’ve proven myself to be reliable, trustworthy, a hard worker… and a friend.

I guess it all circles back to that argument – is it WHO you know or is it WHAT you know? I’m still not quite sure I have a handle on that one yet??? If I’m being honest, I believe it’s a bit of both.

Either way, take a listen to today’s chat and please do our daily ask at the end of the video. It will only take a moment. We encourage you to pop into our Permission to Hustle group and join in on the conversation. Together, we will rise.

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