The Only Rain Boot You Will Ever Need: Foorrreeevvveerrrr



I have a different pair of rain boots and I love them – don’t get me wrong. But sometimes I think they are too noticeable. Too obvious. I’ve owned them for a few years and there’s NO SURPRISE — when it’s raining out, my plaid Burberry rain boots are going to hit the pavement. I’m not someone that is going to buy new rain boots every season if I don’t need to. I have a feeling that I will wear them for the next 10 years!

In retrospect, I wish I bought something a little plainer. You know, like these Hunter Womens Originals in NavyThey are PERFECT. Hunter is a brand I know a love, navy pretty much goes with everything, and you can wear them YEAR IN AND YEAR OUT without it being obvious that you’re repeating for a decade. 

Just something to think about when you go rain boot shopping. I know a lot of people like to go BIG and BOLD with their rain boots – but after three or four years it will get old and then you’ll want to buy another pair when you don’t really need an upgrade.

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