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“Minions” Was A Great Movie For The Entire Family #FandangoFamily



A few days ago, the entire family headed to the movie theatre to see Minions. We are SUCH fans of those mini yellow creatures that we couldn’t resist!! The kids have been begging me and we FINALLY found the time to carve out two hours from our schedule – boy was it worth it.

Did you miss our Minions party by the way? Lots of great arts and craft ideas there for you to check out for the kids.


The premise of the movie is simple – theMinions love to follow the meanest, baddest, most evil cat in town. And throughout time, they’ve sought out the roughest and the toughest… but always seemed to mess things up along the way.


Without a “master”, the Minions loose direction and purpose. Sure, they can live on as a unit but it’s without REASON.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 10.34.42 AM

After seeing their community fall to pieces, three Minions decide to take matters into their own hands. Stuart, Kevin and Bob head out into the real world to seek out their next leader.

And so the movie begins…

We saw the movie in Manhattan and the theatre was filled with adults without children. I was so surprised when I went in! Lots of teenagers and young 20 year olds. Maybe there were 8 families in ALL? I actually checked my ticket TWICE to make sure I was in the right spot.

WELL – this theatre was laughing out LOUD and clapping throughout the film. I couldn’t believe it! I told my husband that I wanted to go watch all movies in Midtown from now on. It felt like I was at a movie premiere and not a mid-week showing. People were screaming with laughter. They LOVED THE MINIONS! And you know that laughter is contagious. So, hearing everyone giggle was making my family giggle as well. What a great time!!

If you want to head to the theatre to see the Minions, grab a group of friends and go! Cute storyline and from my experience – everyone from 2 to 82 will enjoy it! 🙂


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