The Hunt For A Styptic Pen

Look at my husband’s FACE. I mean – I couldn’t get over how BADLY he cut his upper lip while shaving. It bled for 3 days straight. If he tried to take off that piece of paper he suddenly became the lead of some very creepy zombie movie.

We went EVERYWHERE looking for a styptic pen. These things are like GOLD. I mean – no one had them. I never really heard of a styptic pen, but basically it stops a cut from bleeding. Finally, we hit up ‘The Art of Shaving’ in the mall and found a BAR that will last my husband 20 years (or so says the salesman).

This is one of MANY pictures we have with the kids while at Natalie’s school during their Holiday Concert. I told Bill I’m going to blow a few of these shots up and place them around the house. LOL! Something to laugh about 20 years from now. 🙂

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  1. Poor guy! So funny you got pics. I don’t think my hubby would have let me 🙂

    Posted 12.13.10
    • Denise Robertson wrote:

      You know he’s a great dad when he has the tissue on his face and still attends a kid’s function. Cute pic!!!


      Posted 12.13.10
  2. Tami wrote:

    Look at a pet supply store!

    Posted 12.13.10
  3. Sherry wrote:

    He definitely gets points for not trying to get out of attending or having his photo taken! I know exactly what you’re talking about – my dad used one when I was growing up. So glad Bill found one!

    Posted 12.13.10
  4. mary wrote:

    Such a good dad! In addition to the styptic pen i keep vaseline in the house because we have bleeders in my house because all the men have shaved heads. The vaseline helps contain the blood. the art of shaving has them but at rip off prices but Harmon has them for cheaper.

    Posted 12.13.10
    • Vera wrote:

      GOOD CALL! Didn’t even THINK of Vaseline!!

      Posted 12.13.10
  5. Vera wrote:

    The Pet Store it is! I mean I would have NEVER EVER thought that. I told Bill and now he will be ready the next time around. 🙂

    Posted 12.13.10
  6. ppd wrote:

    Off topic, but your hair looks GREAT.

    Posted 12.14.10
    • Vera wrote:

      THANKS! I totally LOVE my hair. I didn’t blow dry it yesterday just to see what it would look like and it was good. I even went outside with a few bobby pins. It’s like a new world.

      Posted 12.14.10
  7. Mandy wrote:

    I love you sweater! Where did you get it? :oD

    Posted 12.14.10
    • Vera wrote:

      Anne Taylor Loft — 40% off!

      Posted 12.14.10
      • Anonymous wrote:

        It looks cute! 🙂

        Posted 12.15.10

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