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The Anthropologie Miette Textured Tunic Dress: What She Wore #50DressesForSpring

The Anthropologie Miette Textured Tunic Dress

Spring brings on bridal and baby showers, festive gatherings and family parties. You need a good dress to keep in your closet just in case! I found one for you! The Anthropologie Miette Textured Tunic Dress is just perfect!

Textured Tunic Dress

I love the fringe detail on the sleeves and hem. It gives this dress a finished look and makes it a bit festive, right? The Anthropologie Miette Dress

I decided to pair it with hot pink heels, but you can go with a variety of colors instead. Think blue, nude, black or even off white if you are that type of girl. 

Any statement necklace will do – but go bold because the pattern is pretty loud. You’ll have to think chunky if you want your piece to stand out beyond the design.

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