The 5 Biggest Diet Mistakes A Woman Can Make


I’ve made a conscious decision to try to live a healthier lifestyle after having a long talk with my neurologist. I’ve mentioned before that I take a handful of pills each day in order to manage my chronic migraines — something I do not want to do for the rest of my life.  It has recently been suggested that diet and exercise can have a major impact on this issue.

So – I’ve started to take action. AND I’ve been making many mistakes. Learn from them people and please don’t repeat them because for every step forward I took… I ended up taking two steps back. It is only now that I feel like I am on the right path.

The 5 Worst Diet Mistake A Woman Can Make

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The 5 Worst Diet Mistake A Woman Can Make: Eating All Bad Food In Your Pantry To Make Room For Healthy Food 

What. The Hell. Is Wrong With Me? I seriously did this. I seriously decided to eat everything that was bad for me in one week in hopes of making room for cleaner food. What did that do for my body? Put me in absolute SHOCK and made me addicted to sugar! I flew through boxes of sugary sweets in a matter of days when it would have normally taken me 2-3 weeks to get to the end. I am not a sweets eater. Not at all! Now… It’s all I am thinking about. Sugar is a mind controller. It takes over. I am telling you!! After dinner, my body is now practically BEGGING for a dessert. I don’t know why I would make it harder on myself but I did and now I have to climb out of it.

I bought a TON of fresh fruit and have switched over. It’s not the same but I love fruit and I know I will get back to normal soon enough. But BOY am I kicking myself! (plus you know I gained 2 pounds… HELLO!)


If you want to start eating healthier and you have opened junk food in your house – FREAKING THROW IT OUT. I’m sorry. Don’t give it to your kids. Don’t feel the pressure to finish it on your own. Throw it out. I still can’t believe I thought this was a smart decision.

And yes, some might say this is wasteful. SORRY! Your health is more important than a few left over cookies and candy bars.

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The 5 Worst Diet Mistake A Woman Can Make: Being The Only Person In The House Eating Healthy Foods

No. Way. Everyone has to come on board. And I mean everybody. Kids included. You can’t be munching on a salad while the kids are dipping chicken fingers and french fries. That just isn’t fair. It’s a mind game and your surroundings have to support the end goal. Your significant other has to support your end goal. All in. Family unit.

A few weeks ago I told my children that they were going to start eating salad with me during dinner. There was protest! I’m not going to lie. And I had to make a few purchases to finally find a leaf they liked (I started with arugula – way too strong for kids. We ended up on Romaine). Now, it’s second nature. They even ASK FOR IT! It only takes a couple days of doing something to make it a habit.

When you have a team – you are more likely to succeed.

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The 5 Worst Diet Mistake A Woman Can Make: You Aren’t Moving

Great! You started to eat healthier and are making better choices at each meal. Are you going for a walk during your lunch hour or after the kids get up from a nap? I’m not saying to join a gym. You know that is NOT FOR ME. But you have to move. I have to move. WE have to move. Park a little further. Take a second lap around the mall. Climb up and down your stairs 10 times in a row whenever you remember.

A friend of mine told me that whenever she sits down to watch television, she squeezes in a little workout when the commercials hit. 2 minute intervals and it could be anything. Squats. Jumping Jacks. Lunges. Planks. WHATEVER. Just do a little bit each day. We have become such an immobile nation. And you know I’m in that mix too. We need to move. It’s not just about the intake. It’s the output too.

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The 5 Worst Diet Mistake A Woman Can Make: You Aren’t Drinking Enough Water

I drink so much black tea each day that if I actually counted up the ounces it would make my head spin. ALL THAT CAFFEINE! TERRIBLE. I try to drink water at night – at least 2 glasses. But that’s simply not enough. Sometimes we confuse our hunger signals with our body’s request for something to drink. Try for 64 ounces a day.  Always have iced water near by and reach for it as often as possible.

Want to add some lemon? Awesome! Want to add some diet powder? NO WAY! Diet drinks make you crave more sugar. Did you know that?! It’s TRUE.

The 5 Worst Diet Mistake A Woman Can Make:  We Keep Reading Up On Fad Diets

What an industry! What an amazingly lucrative industry. So many authors! So many different ways to lose weight. So many hopeful people just looking for that magic pill. NO! It’s not green coffee bean extract. No! It’s not to eliminate an entire food group. No! It’s not to blend everything you eat to mush. BLAH!

It’s just to be conscious of what you put in your body. It’s to eat clean. It’s to know what an actual proper portion looks like. It’s to learn self control. But it’s also never to deprive yourself of dessert. It’s to be able to go out with your friends and have a great time without getting sick over it. We should enjoy life! Food should not control us and it does. I know it does because I am one of the people who obsess over food on a regular basis. Count me in the mix.

We know what we have to do. And it’s not from some new age fad diet book with empty promises and bizarre meal requests. It’s just less processed food and more vegetables with lean protein. It can’t get simpler than that.

When people ask, “How did you lose the weight?” NO ONE wants to hear, “diet and exercise”. No way!!! They want to hear about some pill or some book or some 4 minute workout tape. Diet and exercise is never the desired answer!! But it IS the answer. It really is the answer. Plain and simple. And not a fad, crazy, “only eat oranges on Tuesday” wacko diet – that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about eating like a normal person who is aware of what she is putting in her body and how it will impact her weight. That’s all. Breaded vs. grilled? You know the answer. Every now and then can you get the breaded – of course! We have to LIVE, right? I’m not INSANE.

My Secret

And here’s my little secret. If I do get something that’s a bit of a splurge… I only eat half of it. I know I’m going to eat half before it arrives at the table. That’s my checkpoint. I feel like in America the portions are so out of control as it is. So, if I eat half I think that I’m probably eating a proper portion ANYWAY!

I hope this post helped in some small way. I’m really working on getting back to my pre-baby weight. After three babies, I am D-O-N-E. So, it’s time to take action. It’s also time to stop making so many diet mistakes!! : )

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  1. I’ve done each and every one of these things so don’t feel bad.

    Speaking of eating half…when I go out to dinner I ask for a to-go container served with my meal. When the food comes I immediately pack half of it away so I don’t eat more than I want to. We eat out a lot so that alone has helped me control my portions.

    Posted 4.11.14
  2. Carmen wrote:

    I totally agree with you on all points! Especially the ‘throw out the bad stuff’ part. A few years ago we eliminate sugar from our diet and I went through the pantry and took it all out and got rid of it. My husband thought I was crazy but I decided if we were doing this we were doing this and delaying it to not waste anything seemed ridiculous. Thanks for the post

    Posted 4.13.14

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