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Thank You To The Filmmakers Who Decide Against The Remake #Jumanji

I just got a press release this morning for the new Jumanji Movie. When I first opened it, I practically screamed out loud in anger. Not Jumanji too, right?! I mean, we just got through having to watch the IT remake. In case you missed that review, here it is. Watching that movie in the theatre on opening night was like giving birth – so many mixed emotions!! That horror movie was literally my favorite film of all time growing up. To see it redone was… wrong. I understood why and I caved and admitted that some parts were actually done a bit better, but nothing will beat the classic…E-V-A-H.

So, Jumanji. Another favorite.

I mean, a HUGE FAMILY FAVORITE. My kids and I have watched this movie at least 20 times together and that is NOT an understatement. We LOVE Jumanji. However scary the actual premise of the movie is, deep down inside, we all wish that we would find that board together. So much adventure! So much adrenaline! So much Robin Williams!

I opened up the trailer while holding my breath. I didn’t want to see the same storyline. I just didn’t. And you know what? It’s NOT THE SAME! It’s a remake – thank you, JESUS! It’s a new chapter to the story. A new twist. A new generation – as it should be. The same bones, of course. The same parts that made us fall in love with the original script… but it’s a new journey.

Did you hear they are remaking The Goonies? I mean, the Goonies? The movie that literally molded me into who I am as a person? What is happening with this world?! WAHHHHHHHH If they put that deleted octopus in this new version, I’m going to throw my popcorn all over the theatre and not pick it up. Not one kernel!

So, what’s the point of this post? I guess it’s a tip of my hat to all the directors and the producers and the script writers who shy away from the remake. Leave our past alone. If this new generations wants to get to know Penny Wise, then have them MEET HIM – the REAL HIM. If they want to find out all about One Eyed Willy … then rent the damn movie! Don’t wait for someone to remake it. It already exists. Let’s stop rewriting history. These stories are classics.

It’s funny. I now know why my mom would get so mad when her favorite songs were remade by boy bands of the 90s when I was growing up. It’s like a robbery! People of today walking around thinking they own the song. NO – you DON’T OWN THE SONG! WE OWN THE SONG! TWENTY YEARS AGO – THAT SONG IS ALREADY OWNED! YOU CAN’T HAVE IT OMG I HAVE TURNED INTO A PSYCHO.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see the new Jumanji. I love The Rock. I love the story. I’m sad for Robin Williams. I know we all still are. But his story will still continue and my children will be front and center with a cherry Coke and a handful of buttered popcorn.

Are you looking forward to the new release?

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