Tested Living Proof On The Set Of “What She Said’ And Cannot Get Enough Of The Line


Jennifer Aniston. We’ve all had a love affair with her hair at some point or another. In fact, I’m in a long term relationship… she just doesn’t know it.  So, when I heard that she came out with her own hair care line, I was intrigued to say the least. But if I’m being honest with you, I never made the jump. I was a creature of habit and set in my ways. It was always top of mind but life kept getting in the way.

While on set for ‘What She Said’ – my new TLC comedy show airing this May (ahhhhhhh), I FINALLY had a hands-on experience with the brand and in a BIG WAY. You see, we filmed 90% of the show in front of a green screen. It was super important for us to manage fly-aways. Our hair MATTERED. People continuously fixed us and tweaked us and propped us and changed our posture etc. There was always a slight change that needed to occur – even with our strands. What did the stylist use on set? Living Proof.

Every time she came over, I would take a big whiff of the scent. It was so LOVELY. I kept telling her that I loved her visits. So inviting !! And I promised myself that I would go home and buy some of these Living Proof products because I just fell in love during those few weeks.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 4.03.58 PM

They took me from my normal every day look to camera-ready day in and day out. As you can see, both Audrey and I were perfectly happy together on set. There’s nothing like working on a project with your best friend.



What products am I putting on your radar? Living Proof Shampoo, Conditioner Nourishing Styling Cream and Blowout — the heat protector you apply before you style. Everything you need to get the look you need. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

I want to highlight just a few more things about Blowout because I adore this product. According to Living Proof, Blowout:

  • Reduces the amount of brush work needed to shape your style
  • Locks in your blowout all day
  • Provides heat protection up to 450° F
  • Can be used alone or layered with your favorite leave-on conditioners and stylers
  • Can be used on second-day hair or to touch-up as a finish step

Ah-mazing. For more information about Living Proof, visit their website. For more information about ‘What She Said’, visit TLC! I can’t wait for the show to air!!!!

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