Tennis Attempt: Fail

Ok, so I finally got my act together and decided to take tennis lessons. This year has been suffocating with work, but I have a nice long stretch of relaxation ahead of me and wanted to start to get a bit active.

There is a tennis group that meets twice a week (you pay as you go and when you go) and I decided today to give it a shot. I went and it was canceled. The pro had a doctor’s appointment or something. In a way, it was a good thing because I didn’t have any tennis clothing. I was in my PJs. No seriously I was.

So, off I went to a local sports shop and saw that tennis SKIRTS are the norm. I was like… no, this can’t be right. I don’t wear skirts on a regular basis. I can’t be FORCED into wearing them for a lesson, can I?

The guy who was manning the department let me know it is what it is and women wear skirts while playing tennis. I drilled him like he was on trial trying to see if there was another way out. Sadly, there wasn’t.

Without another option, I bought one.

You might be saying – SO WHAT? It’s a skirt. Just wear it.

That’s not my style at ALL. But I am serious about getting in shape and want to make sure I do something fun and exciting. So, I caved.

Thursday is the next meet up. I will be there. In my skirt. And sneakers. Oh boy… 🙂

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  1. Wheatly wrote:

    Skirts are THE thing for exercise these days, not just for tennis. Running skirts are increasingly popular, and of course, people wear them for golf all the time. Don’t be self-conscious! You’ll get used to it!

    Posted 5.24.11
  2. Maddy wrote:

    Hi, I’ve never heard this before…I’ve played tennis during 9 years and never had to wear a skirt I would wear shorts like this one :

    PS : sorry for my bad english, I’m french

    Posted 5.24.11

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