Talking Spring Trends With O Magazine’s Creative Director, Adam Glassman

O Magazine Creative Director Adam Glassman Spring Trends

When O Magazine asks you to come in and talk “spring trends”… you get into Manhattan as fast as you can.

ESPECIALLY when Creative Director Adam Glassman is leading the discussion.

You know I’m a woman who has a passion for fashion. So, I always love to hear from the greats. You sit back and absorb everything they have to say and then take what you want and make it your own. Style is all about making what works for you.

O Magazine Creative Director Adam Glassman Spring Trends

Most of the pieces that were on display were actually perfect for my body type. I especially loved the striped shorts and royal blue shirt combo. I could absolutely see myself wearing this look dressed up with a pair of great heels and a statement necklace while going out with friends this summer. At the same time, you could throw on flip flops and make it an outfit your run errands in with the kids. It’s all about versatility! PS – all these looks are from JCPenney!

So, what did Adam have to say about spring trends? Let’s get right down to it!


Key Pieces Every Woman Should Own:

1. Great fitted pair of pants // 2. White shirt with some stretch (or wrinkle resistant) // 3. Little Black Dress // 4. Fab skirt – think pencil (this works with all shapes) // 5. Few knit pieces (cardigan, V neck , Scoop) // 6. Great pair of jeans // 7. Flats // 8. Amazing heels that you can walk in // 9. A bra that FITS (go get fitted every 6 months) // 10. Trench Coat

I kept the colors pretty neutral — but feel free to go nuts with brighter and bolder shades. I’m just a miserable New Yorker and my mind tends to go darker and simpler. 🙂

I just loved everything Adam said… but I’m going to add a few more suggestions.


A casual tee that is a step up from the norm


An open front blazer


Moto Jacket


Sunglasses that work with the shape of your face


A simple pop over shirt


A large every day tote.

Ok, I’m done. Though really… I’m not. But I’m going to stop here because my “necessities” are a mile long and I know that’s obnoxious. This is exactly why my husband hates me.

More Tips From Adam Glassman:

  • Fashion tells YOUR story. Make it a good one.
  • Impulse buys don’t always work with your current purchases. Take pictures of the items you can’t seem to work into looks and bring them on your next shopping trip. Show them to a sales associate and have them help you style that piece.
  • If you are wearing a trench coat this Spring, consider layering a faux fur or a jean jacket if the weather is a bit too chilly. Have fun with it.
  • As far as commuting shoes, consider Tieks or trendy sneakers.
  • Define your “go to uniform”. Figure out what works on your body and own it. This isn’t something that is easy. You need to work at it. Create a few great key looks but don’t fall into a rut. Your “Go To” look should be without complication.

I love that last tip. For example… my “Go To” look is skinny jeans and a flowy shirt with knee high boots. I KNOW this works on my body. What works on yours?

O Magazine Creative Director Adam Glassman Spring Trends

After the meeting was over, we were able to tour the O Magazine offices! How amazing! O Magazine Creative Director Adam Glassman Spring Trends

Gayle King was even kind enough to take us inside her space and talk to us about a special photo that she has on her wall. What a moment!! She was incredibly lovely and generous with her time. It was absolutely appreciated.

O Magazine Creative Director Adam Glassman Spring Trends

In the end, I walked away with some really fun goodies, including O Magazine gift wrap. STOP IT! So fun!

Can’t wait to see what O Magazine has in store for us next. Summer trends? Travel hacks? I’m game!

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  1. I’ve got to get myself a good moto jacket!

    Posted 3.23.16
  2. Oh boy, do I need a bra that actually fits me! I also need a good raincoat for our wet weather here.

    Posted 3.23.16
  3. Janis wrote:

    Love the Moto jacket and also that huge leather tote bag. From what I’ve seen so far, I’m loving your Spring style trend picks.

    Posted 3.24.16
  4. Shannon wrote:

    Love this post! Great tips. So helpful to have visual of what staples to get!

    Posted 3.25.16

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