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ENTER TO WIN: Martha Stewart Home Office Custom Binder From Staples

Customize binders with accessories to plan projects and coordinate family schedules. Fill Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ binders filled versatile accessories toeasily organize home renovation projects and keep track of important familyappointments and events. Small items, like concert tickets or paint chips, can be safelycontained in the binder’s interior pocket, or secured inside a […]

ENTER TO WIN: Martha Stewart Home Office Journaling

Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ journals and notebooks are indispensible for everything from recording travel memories and children’s milestones to organizing special occasions. A large premium shagreen journal, with more than ten pages of entertaining tips from Martha Stewart, is the perfect place to plan menus and guest lists for a party. Pair the journals and notebooks with […]

Recipe: Avocado, Celery, And Scallion Bruschetta With Mache

Well, isn’t this a different take on regular Bruschetta? Ingredients * Fresh lemon juice * Extra-virgin olive oil * Sliced scallions * Sliced celery * Thin avocado slices * Toasts * Mache (or watercress) * Coarsely chopped walnuts Directions 1. Mix together fresh lemon juice and extra-virgin olive oil; toss some dressing with sliced scallions […]

ENTER TO WIN: Entire Martha Stewart Clean Product Line

For years, Martha Stewart has promoted creative and practical solutions for healthy living and responsible homekeeping. Martha Stewart Clean contains 99+% plant- and mineral-based biodegradable ingredients, without artificial additives of any kind, and comes in fully recyclable packaging. It even has the ‘Design for the Environment’ logo from the Environmental Protection Agency given only to […]

Recipe: Spring Pasta

Serves 4 * Coarse salt and ground pepper * 12 ounces gemelli or other short pasta * 12 ounces sugar snap peas, stem ends removed (and, if necessary, strings) * 1 package (10 ounces) frozen peas * 2 tablespoons butter * 2 tablespoons chopped fresh tarragon, plus more for garnish (optional) * 1 cup part-skim […]