Survived A Week Away With Duracell Powermat Portable Charger Set – Win Your Own Here!!

DPM_Portable Charger Set

I am SO EXCITED about this contest because this is a device I have been using for over and week and LOVE. I can tell you FIRST HAND that the Duracell Powermat Portable Charger Set R-O-C-K-S. While I attended 2 separate conferences and trekked around Disney on 13 hour planned agendas, my phone NEVER lost charge because I always had a back up ready to go with me in my purse.


The Duracell Powermat Portable Charger Set is available at Sam’s Club nationwide and the longhaul (Pictured above) can hold up to 40 hours worth of battery life. WHAT?! Simply amazing!! I felt NO STRESS or anxiety about missing a shot or a quote from the many interviews I had to due while attending the press preview for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train soft launch. I knew I would never be without my phone.


And FYI – you can still use your phone while it is charging! So, whether you are running around and handling your errands or if you have a long travel day ahead of you — this is the right charger for your phone.

To find out more, visit:

I have a Duracell Powermat Portable Charger Set to giveaway! ENTER TO WIN BELOW!!

Good luck!
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  1. Leigh Anne Borders wrote:

    Having a full battery is a hard thing to keep when I am taking pictures or making movies of our adventures. I find myself in this predicament all the time and having to really conserve! Having this charger would make things a little easier;)

    Posted 5.4.14
  2. I am always annoyed to the point where we bought extra batteries that we can switch if our phone dies. Sooo annoying

    Posted 5.4.14
  3. christine jessamine wrote:

    my battery runs low all the time, this would be nice to have

    Posted 5.4.14
  4. nicole dz wrote:

    I would use this when I travel, or when im at the park, or when working out at the gym. I get so frustrated when my battery is on low when im on the go. I would carry this In my bag so I can have it whenever I need it, which I would need it a lot. This would be a huge help.

    Posted 5.5.14
  5. MJ wrote:

    Oh geez, my battery runs low all the time. This product seems awesome. Thanks!

    Posted 5.5.14
  6. Alex wrote:

    This would be amazing to win! I’m always worried about my phone dying!

    Posted 5.5.14
  7. Leah Baird wrote:

    It is very much needed, my phone is dead after a long day at school. This product would be great for a wedding, or long car ride.

    Posted 5.5.14
  8. BoN wrote:

    Totally Super Duper Awesome Sauce!!!
    Something just about everyone could use.

    Posted 5.5.14
  9. Lynne wrote:

    Oh my word – this would be AMAZING for my son – I can not tell you how many times his phone is dead when I want to get hold of him. I will be fair, and say that his workplace is in a remote area, so his phone just eats up battery life when he is there as it tries to get and keep a signal, but it can be so frustrating….. ( I left my email in the ID section above the comment box – I am always apprehensive about leaving it in a comment…..)

    Posted 5.5.14
  10. Sherry wrote:

    I’m not entering – just wanted to ask how easy it was to use, charge, etc. I cannot tell you how many of these types of chargers i have bought and not a single one has worked. It has been maddening.

    Posted 5.5.14
  11. Angela wrote:

    This would be perfect, I run out of battery every night

    Posted 5.5.14
  12. Ben (Ada) wrote:

    This would be great for planes. I usually run out at work.

    Posted 5.5.14
  13. The better question is when don’t I need a charger. Between my 5 kids and myself someone always needs something charged and of course if one of them forget their charger it is MOMs fault.

    Posted 5.6.14
  14. Priscilla S. wrote:

    This would come in so handy! Staying constantly up to date comes at a price… my phone dies on me way too often.

    Posted 5.6.14
  15. Karen wrote:

    I’m always so paranoid I’m going to run out of battery while with my baby who has severe allergies! This is such a great product for that extra peace of mind!

    Posted 5.6.14
  16. theresa J wrote:

    This would be perfect for tech center where we put our phones to charge

    Posted 5.6.14
  17. Rebecca Parsons wrote:

    This would work wonders for us. We have kids using our phones all of the time so the battery gets run down fast.

    Posted 5.6.14
  18. E Kay wrote:

    This would be great, especially while traveling

    Posted 5.7.14
  19. Beanybopp wrote:

    This would be great ALL the time! Our smartphone is 3 years old…YES 3! And are due for an upgrade but I drag my feet to when it’s time to spend money on something. The battery is the original battery and it does not hold a charge what so ever…it is so annoying to just unplug the phone, look at FB for a sec and it’s already down to 91%!

    Posted 5.7.14
  20. Teresa Thompson wrote:

    This would be fantastic for when I go camping. And it drives me crazy when my phone dies.

    Posted 5.7.14
  21. D Schmidt wrote:

    This would be perfect for my Husband on business trips, I am forever annoyed his phone is not working!

    Posted 5.7.14
  22. Rust wrote:

    Perfect for when I am traveling.

    Posted 5.7.14
  23. Happi Shopr wrote:

    I would so use it for my cell. I find it running out of juice more often now days. Very annoying

    Posted 5.7.14

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