Suave Kids And Ryan Richman Did THIS To My Daughter’s Hair

Suave Kids and celebrity hair stylist Ryan Richman gave my family the red carpet treatment and we are still super excited about the experience. Would it be wrong for me to say that I am jealous of my daughter’s beautiful hair? Holy smokes! Check out that body and bounce. I wish my hair looked that healthy on a regular basis. Wonder where she gets it from? 🙂 LOL!  I’m just teasing – this post is more about the wonderful time we had in LA and some behind the scenes shots of our time getting ready for the red carpet of the ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ premiere in LA.  Suave sent Ryan Richman to our hotel room to style our hair and BOY did he do a great job.

Suave Kids And Ryan Richman Did THIS To My Daughter's Hair

Suave Kids And Ryan Richman Did THIS To My Daughter’s Hair 

We thought that the red carpet was enough itself, but then we got primped and pampered by the best and made lasting memories while doing so. A team brought in Suave Kids’ full product line for us to get ready with before Ryan Richman arrived. That way, we made sure that our hair was washed and conditioned with their line – as we normally do at home. Then Ryan got to work on Natalie first! He gave her huge curls that were just perfect for the red carpet. With just a little bit of holding spray, those curls lasted all day and night. 

Suave Kids And Ryan Richman styling young boy's hair in LA

Liam JUST got his hair cut before the trip – so there wasn’t much to play around with. However, Ryan was still able to figure something fun out!! He didn’t want to leave my boy out of the big day. So, he added a little bump in the front with some styling gel as only a celebrity stylist knows how to and Liam stayed still with his suit and tie. I was DYING. Super cute! 

Suave Kids And Ryan Richman styling young girl's hair in LA

Getting Red Carpet Ready With Ryan Richman

Ryan Richman  and Vera Sweeney

Of course, Mom snuck in some pampering time as well. We wanted light waves – nothing too defined. Everything was done with Suave products and honestly, I just left it all up to Ryan. I brought my dress and my children and I left all the beauty picks up to him. I figured he’d know what to do best with me and my hair. And thank goodness I did because my hair lasted for the entire night – all throughout the premiere.  

Vera Sweeney and family

Here we are moments before hitting the red carpet — all thanks to Suave.  Memories that will last a lifetime!! If you are wondering, yes! We were able to bring all those products back home with us. I never travel with just carry-ons and this time I FINALLY had justification! We had shampoo and conditioner for WEEKS all thanks to the little gift basket they gave us at our hotel. What an added treat. 

I can’t thank Disney and Suave for inviting my family to attend the red carpet of the Muppets premiere and for allowing me to take my children with me for the big day. We still talk about it to this day! In fact, I printed out a great photo of us all together interviewing some of the celebrities and it hangs on our dining room wall. Something we will look at forever. 

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  1. You all look AMAZING! Love Natalie’s hair. Gorg.

    Posted 3.17.14
  2. Victoria wrote:

    Natalie’s hair is gorgeous!!!! That photo should be framed.

    Posted 3.17.14
  3. The royal treatment, I love it! Your mommy-heart must just melt when you look at that first picture of Natalie. Her hair looks spectacular, what a beautiful young lady she is!

    Posted 3.17.14
  4. You all look STUNNING!! The picture of the three of you is heavenly 🙂

    Posted 3.17.14
  5. Y’all look beautiful. And yes, I want Natalie’s hair. 🙂

    Posted 3.17.14
  6. Natalie’s hair is gorgeous! All of your kids are adorable!

    Posted 3.17.14
  7. kristin wrote:

    So cute, your kiddos are adorable! What a fun event!

    Posted 3.17.14
  8. Woah! Her hair is gorgeous! Love the waves and shine! You all look amazing, beautiful!

    Posted 3.17.14
  9. Kristin wrote:

    You guys all look amazing! That hair…I want to be able to recreate those waves!

    Posted 3.17.14
  10. They look adorable. Natalie looks especially glam…like mother like daughter!

    Posted 3.17.14
  11. Natalie’s hair looks so luxurious- I love how effortless and healthy the curls look.

    Posted 3.17.14
  12. Wow!! I’m a long-haired girl and can’t believe how silky and shiny your hair and Natalie’s hair look! Gotta get me some Suave!

    Posted 3.18.14

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