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Strange Magic: Everyone Deserves To Be Loved (And To See This Movie) #StrangeMagic

Everybody deserves love. What a concept and nothing I’d thought to walk away from after watching a screening of Strange Magic, but here we are.

Everybody Deserves Love

It’s funny because after seeing this movie, I simply adore this poster. Every character on it — especially that MOM!! 🙂

Strange Magic hits theatres TODAY!! Grab your kids after school and surprise them with this special treat. Move to the groove in your seats and walk through this magical love fest! George Lucas does NOT disappoint.

Did I mention I interviewed him last week? You know, in person. Me. And George. And the Force….

Strange Magic Poster

I’m one of those people who hates reading reviews that give away too much. In fact, this week I read something about a particular Sniper movie in theatres and within the first paragraph, I was told what happened at the end of the S-T-O-R-Y. SO UPSET!!  

You will not experience that here. SO, don’t worry — read on. I will give you the highlights of the game but not the score. Just know that everybody deserves to be loved and let’s move on from there.

everybody deserves to be loved

Strange Magic – The Setting:

Fairy Kingdom and The Dark Forest couldn’t be more different from one another. And I actually really appreciated the stark contrast.  The graphics TOLD you how to feel before you even knew you needed to feel it. Your heart sped up the minute the scenery darkened. It was instantaneous.

But don’t worry if you have children and are concerned about it being too scary because it will never go that route!

The Dark Forest is filled with talking mushrooms that play telephone (and always get it wrong), funny, sloppy creatures and overgrown ferns. It’s not as bad as you think in the long run!!

the dark forest

Strange Magic – The Deception:

Every woman in the theatre will be able to relate to the good looking Prince with an ulterior motive. Am I making a blanket statement? You better believe it! And I’m standing by it, too. I knew PLENTY of Rolands in my life. HUMPH!!

george lucas strange magic

The Underdog:

You’ve been one at one time or the other. Let’s just get honest here. I still play that role on a daily basis. The struggle is real but as long as your spirit stays strong and true, good always comes out on top. Right?!!! TELL ME I’M RIGHT?!!!

In this story, we root for two underdogs … maybe three depending on how you look at it. And you wish them well on their journey of discovery. Did I mention that while on this journey we get to hear Kristin Chenoweth sing a few times? BONUS!!!!!

The Happy Ending:

No picture here! You will just have to see Strange Magic to learn who ends up falling in love with who!!

This animated musical will have you bopping in your seats. Your kids won’t know all the songs from the movie, but you will. From Elvis to Beyonce, George Lucas made sure that all genres were included. Leave smiling. Leave snapping your fingers. And leave remembering that… Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch You know that I love you!!!!

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