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Square Foot Gardening – An Easy Way To Provide For Your Family #brightfuture

Square Foot Garden

A few days ago, I showed you how my children recycled old Hellman’s Mayonnaise containers and used them to plant herbs. Today, I’m showing you another little project that we have going in the Sweeney house — our square foot garden!!

Each year, we plant vegetables like carrots, onions, and beets and watch them grow together. The best part? Picking them with the kids!!



It’s time to start weeding! I know  – I know! That’s another fun job. Now that the kids are FINALLY out of school… they have a new job to do. LOL. It’s something to do together and a great lesson for all. Everyone should have a little garden in their backyard. It helps with the grocery bills and lighten our carbon footprint at the same time. A win-win if you ask me.

Have you heard about Unilever’s Project Sunlight ? It is amazing. The initiative teaches everyone really small and easy ways to make a big difference.  Learn how to live more sustainably without making much effort at all. Start here with their Summer Sunlight Activities.

What ways will you get involved this summer? Need some inspiration? Check out the hashtag #brightfuture on Twitter.
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