How Does My Square Foot Garden Grow? I See Broccoli!



With all this rain we’ve been having lately, my vegetables are benefiting nicely! I had a chance to take a peek at what’s doing underneath our chicken wire cages and BOY am I excited. Everything is looking good! In fact, better than I expected. We were away for so long – I was worried that my veggies would suffer. But it doesn’t look like they missed us at all. Thank goodness for our sprinkler system. 😉





My favorite item that I’m growing this season is broccoli for SURE! Looks like I have a few weeks left before I can pick anything – but how exciting!!

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  1. sandra wrote:

    Wow your garden looks beautiful

    Posted 5.25.13
  2. Christina wrote:

    Love it! I love gardening. Broccoli is the one thing, for some reason, that I can never seem to grow lol. The plants get big and wild but I never actually get any broccoli. So crazy (this year was my 3rd attempt – I was hopeful, but after seeing yours with actual broccoli, yeah, I think I’m just getting a big – but pretty – plant again 😉 haha)

    Posted 5.25.13
  3. Katie wrote:

    Can you please send me a picture of your design and finished product for your wire cage (-and what materials you used). I am being bombarded by savage squirrels and your looks from the pictures like on of the best I have seen! Thank you so much!

    [email protected]

    Posted 2.22.14
  4. Katie wrote:

    Sorry, email is [email protected]

    Posted 2.22.14

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