Sponsor A Contest

‘Lady and the Blog’ would love to have you!

In order to host a contest on my site, your product has to relate to my audience and you must contribute at least $50 worth of goods per contest. Each contest will run for 3 days and get featured in my top story news bar. If you have less than $50 worth of goods, I can do one post for one day without a feature.

Here are some frequently asked questions from sponsors. Every contest will run exactly this way:

Is there a fee?

Yes. You must mail me an exact duplicate of what you are giving away. We always have contests scheduled out a few weeks in advance. If you are trying to get something in for a holiday or online promotion, we might be able to squeeze you in. Need more clarification on this? Please contact us.

How does a reader enter one of your contests?

A reader has to leave a comment on my blog, tweet a message I provide or leave a comment on my ‘Lady and the Blog’ fan wall on Facebook.

Can I have your readers visit my site and pull some sort of information from it in order to enter?

No. All a reader has to do is submit their email address to enter a contest.

Can I have your readers become our Facebook fans, Twitter fans etc in order to enter the contest?

No. See above. However, if you want to include those links in the contest itself, we would be more than happy to do that. For example: ‘Follow us on Twitter’ with a link to your account.

Can I target US and Canada only?

Yes. Please let me know before hand that you want to make your contest available to US and Canada only. I need to make that clear in the giveaway.

Can you do a review and then add it to the contest?

No. We can review your product separately. I have two wonderful women who do all of LATB’s reviews and I would be more than happy to set that up for you.

Can I have my contest run on a specific date?

Yes. Please get in contact with us ASAP so we can set that up for you. We typically book about 6 weeks in advance, but sometimes are booked out even further.

Can I have the emails of participants that entered?

No. They are confidential. If you would like to add a link to sign up for your newsletter, I would be more than happy to include that in the post.

My product is not available for purchase online. Can I still run a contest?

No. All items must be available online for purchase.

How long do your contests run?

Right now, they are 3 days long. This will change as the traffic increases. On I’m Not Obsessed, a $100 contest runs for one day and I my calendar is filled two months out in advance.

Please email us to book your contest or for more information.