Spent The Day In The Hospital Yesterday: Going Back In A Few Hours


All is ok – let me just preface this story with that news.

I woke up yesterday morning a little crampy. I haven’t experienced anything like this in 26 weeks – so I started to keep an eye on it. Looked like it was happening every 10 minutes. This is my third baby… so I knew I wasn’t contracting. My belly wasn’t hardening at all. But I felt OFF and in mild pain. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say it was a 2. I called my doctor and she told me if I was still feeling the cramps by noon to head to the hospital. By 12:30 we were in the car. They would not go away.

I was admitted and put on monitors. Baby was doing just fine and all those cramp were not registering on the monitor as contractions. In fact, I only had 2 contractions in the 5+ hours that I was there which I absolutely felt. But even those were small.

So, what could this be? Why such a consistent interval of pain? Every 10 min? It just was so odd. The nurses called my doctor to see if I was just a whiner (they didn’t tell me this but I know that’s what happened) and she told them that I never ever complain and to take me very seriously.

After that call, they became much more attentive. I guess they get a lot of false alarms.


As a joke I sent this picture to Audrey because she hates when I wear this shirt. She says I wear it way too much. So I made Bill snap this shot of me to tease her a bit. We had a good laugh – which I needed.


But then they made me change and get an IV. They did a cervical exam and it went down quite a bit. I’m measuring at 1.4 right now which I am pretty positive is the lowest I’ve ever been with any pregnancy.

I was given the steroid shot for this baby’s lungs just in case. I go back tonight for some more monitoring and for the second half of that shot. I’m also taking another FFN test to see if I’m at risk of delivering within the next 2 weeks.

I’m scared because I don’t like that these pains I’m feeling are not registering on monitors. Makes me feel really¬†insecure¬†about it all. I woke up feeling the cramps again but now that they won’t show up on monitors. Thank GOODNESS I’m going tonight for more monitoring… because I would be sick to my stomach if I didn’t have that appt.

I was talking to Bill and said maybe the cramping is from pressure on my intestine track? If it’s not my uterus – what could it be??? I just hate not understanding the pain, you know?

Anyway, will keep you posted on tonight’s appt.

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  1. nichol perez wrote:

    Just think positive and breathe. I have 4 so I know how you feel. You will be just fine and the doctor’s know what they’re doing even though our hormones can get to everyone. LOL Have a great weekend and just take it easy.

    Posted 12.1.12
  2. My thoughts are with you Vera!

    I hope this evening goes well and you are able to find some answers and comfort. Wishing you another long 14 weeks of healthy pregnancy and a beautiful healthy baby!

    Posted 12.1.12
  3. Holly Marie wrote:

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Posted 12.1.12
  4. Thinking of you Vera and wishing you the best. I can be such a scary time. Just a little fyi…When I was 30 wks with Mason I was admitted into hospital. I was very crampy with back pain. Also getting contractions very regularly that were tolerable but uncomfortable. My contractions (not all) did show. My cervix was unchanged but was given shot to stop contractions. They did cultured and found I had a bacterial infection. I had no symptoms besides cramping.But it can cause contractions and preterm labor. Just something I thought would be worth it to know or ask about. Hope all is well. Xoxo

    Posted 12.1.12
  5. Nikki wrote:

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers…

    Posted 12.1.12
  6. its 330am and couldn’t sleep due to pain.. so am glad I checked your latest update. will be praying for you now until that little one is born Vera.. especially over next few days.. just relax.. rest.. and know there are others praying for you. take care! Cathy

    Posted 12.2.12
  7. sheila k wrote:

    For three weeks before my first baby I had crampy pains every 5 minutes on and off for several hours at a time. At one point the staff in ER said to come in. We waited for a few hours in the hospital and then I was sent home. When my baby did come it was such an easy delivery and she was there within 3 hours of when “real” labor started. Wishing you the best. Enjoy your blog.

    Posted 12.2.12
  8. Ddigerati wrote:

    Sending prayers your way! Hang in there. Hope you get answers soon and baby three is doing well!

    Posted 12.2.12
  9. Barbara wrote:

    Sending warm, positive thoughts to you and your baby, Vera. Best wishes.

    Posted 12.2.12
  10. Sherry wrote:

    Hope all was well when you went back in, Vera. Sending you my thoughts and prayers – and hugs.

    Posted 12.2.12
  11. Thinking about you and hoping you feel better.

    Posted 12.3.12

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