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Sometimes You Need A Relaxing Night In With Your Loved One #spon

Ristorante Pizza

I have been having the wildest few weeks. Running around like a CRAZY PERSON. From Mexico to LA to Disney to Hershey PA to Nantucket — I can’t seem to stay grounded. So, when I finally have a minute and when I know it’s time to start thinking about dinner… here comes the confession folks … there are some nights when I just want to dial it in.

I don’t want to get dressed up. I don’t want to call for reservations. I don’t want to worry about who we should drag along. I literally just want to spend time with my husband, reconnect and enjoy one another to the fullest while dining on a great meal. And YES, I do love to a great night out. But trust me – I love a quiet night in MORE. Ask ANYONE in my life and they will tell you that I am a home-body by nature. My job has me everywhere but here. So, when it’s my decision… my decision is always home.

When you have kids there becomes a need to really schedule in time with your husband. It can very quickly become ALL ABOUT the children which I know is great and expected. But I come from a mindset that WE matter too. Our relationship has to last even after the kids don’t need us anymore and we can’t start working on US when our kids are 18. It’s important for couples to continue what they started before the little ones arrived.

So, what do we do? We pop in a pizza, open up a bottle of wine, pick a movie and relax. We either talk about our day or we sit back and say nothing for a while. Sometimes the quiet is enough, you know?

Ristorante Pizza

You and your loved one can enjoy authentic Italian taste with Dr. Oetker’s Ristorante frozen pizzas. Are you a thin crust fan? Well, then I have great news because their thin and crispy base is just the beginning. There are so many varieties to choose from –  delicious toppings ranging from vegetarian to pepperoni to four cheese combos!

And all of the goodness is available with just 10 minutes of baking time. I’m talking from frozen to ready to serve. Amazing! Easy! The perfect relaxing night in! 

Ristorante Pizza

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Dr. Oetker USA LLC. I received compensation for this post; however, all opinions stated are my own.

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Tuesday 8th of July 2014


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