So… I Met Ralph Macchio (You Know… The Karate Kid) Yesterday @ralphmacchio



As you know, I’m in LA to attend the red carpet premier of Iron Man 3 thanks to Marvel and Disney. I’m having SO MUCH so far. I’m part of a group of 25 and have met some really great people like Tammi Lee¬†– my new girlfriend. ūüôā

But I also met someone else for a brief moment – the… Karate… Kid.

I first saw him waiting for our plane and overheard him talking “Industry speak” to another man and assumed he was a producer. I recognized him briefly but my brain was half working and really didn’t place him. This is what happens when you have a ¬†9 week old at home that doesn’t let you sleep. ¬†In the end, I pegged him for a producer and let it go. Then this teenager ran up to him very enthusiastically and shook his hand and it got me¬†thinking¬†that I was missing something.

Come on brain…. WORK! WAKE UP.

But whatever – seats were being called and off we went.

I get to my seat and forget all about it. Until he’s standing right ¬†next to me placing his luggage in the overhead above me. The¬†stewardess wouldn’t let him put two bags up there and then because I’m noisy and obnoxious I hop in and tell her both my bags are under my seat so he could technically have “my spot” up there since I’m not using it. Yada yada yada – we get to talking.

I still don’t know who he is.

And then… I saw it.

And I stopped him mid-sentence and said, “Are you…. Macchio?”

And in a semi-defeated way, he replied yes. LOL! Poor guy – it’s like getting ID at a bar every single second of your life. But he was really nice. A few other people recognized him and said hello. He had glasses and headphones on once we took off and I let him be. But it was super cool to sit right next to him for the ride. I mean, I’m 35 years old folks. This man was on my bedroom WALL for a few months. ON MY WALL!

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 5.04.40 AM


I posted this on Facebook and got some really funny comments from my friends. I won’t show you the comments because Facebook is private and I don’t know if my friends want their comments on my blog – but everyone pretty much whipped out pop culture quotes and BEGGED ME to ask him to either SAY or POSE for a photo. ¬†Which OF COURSE is probably another thing Ralph has to deal with.

Ok here are a few minus their names:

  • ¬†I remember him in my Tiger Beat magazines. So long ago! Lol! My boys just studied The Outsiders in school and would love meeting Johnny. Get his autograph!!! (It’s for the kids!!!!) They were greasers for a day! Greasers Rule!
  • Sweep the Leg!
  • Would I be wrong to ask you to lick him for us?
  • Tell him women still swoon over him! LOL!
  • I had the biggest crush on him growing up! His poster was above my bed! Take a pic w him¬†Vera! Plz!!
  • If you don’t get a photo and post to Facebook, I will be disappointed in you.
  • And ask him to say, “My cousin Vinny!” (That would go viral)
  • You need to unfriend anyone who needs that clarification that he’s the karate kid!
  • HA! Just watched that movie two nights ago!
  • Shut the front door! He was my imaginary boyfriend!



So, in truth, I REALLY wanted to get a shot of me and Ralph like this. Not gonna lie. But I settled for the above shot once we got off the plane. Nice guy. He’s from Long Island which is where I live – so maybe I’ll see him around sometime. ūüėČ

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  1. Patty wrote:

    That’s so awesome!

    Posted 4.24.13
  2. Woohoo! I had a major crush on him when he was the Karate Kid. Looks pretty good for his age.

    Posted 4.24.13
  3. in tribute to Ralph…


    Posted 5.2.13

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