Sneak Peek: Ikea’s New 2011 Storage Collection


Lady and the Blog attended the launch of Ikea’s new 2011 catalog in the US and saw all the interesting new products that will be in stores and online. Ikea has always been the New Yorker’s savior because living in New York City means living in a smaller space than you’d like. Ikea provides tons of storage solutions and space saving options so your home can look inviting and cosy without looking cluttered.

If you have kids, you probably have experienced their playtime and subsequent clean up. Ikea makes drawers that double as bins, so you can walk around with your kids and fill the bins. When they’re full, you just slide them in to the shelf. These bins come in multiple sizes and, as with most of Ikea’s furniture, you can customize the size, color, width, etc to fit your needs.



For your closet, Ikea is on the right track when it comes to easy storage. Instead of having multiple show boxes, there’s a pull-out drawer so you can stack your shoes individually. This means that straps and buckles don’t get crushed. Its also really easy to pull out the drawer and take out your shoes, leaving the space empty for them when you’re done. For winter shoes, there are fabric boxes with transparent windows so you can see your boots and fantasize about wearing them, all year. Ikea also offers an entire wardrobe system with various drawer options for every possible thing you might want to get dressed with. For instance, one of the drawer options is shallow and compartmentalized for rings or delicate jewelry. You can choose to do a full-on wardrobe with sliding doors or just one unit, depending on your needs. This concept is carried over into the kitchen and the living room.

(video taken with VADO camera)

This season, Ikea continues to be focused on our effect on the environment. They offer large bins for recycling, as well as for items that shouldn’t go in the regular garbage, like old electronics. With exteriors that are easy to label, kids will have no problem putting trash where they belong. You can even create your own compost heap. They’re also moving towards only selling energy-saving light bulbs and using them in their stores, as well.


One of my favorite items was a laptop desk that has two compartments that slide over the laptop, transforming it into a chic side table. Because the laptop is protected, you can go ahead and eat, write or do anything on the surface of the table. This is perfect for studios without much dining space.

I also loved their comfy new couches. Again, you can choose to have one seat or a large couch or even just the footstool, which has storage space at the bottom. I liked the couch because its made with memory form so it contours to the shape of your body. This’ll give new meaning to life for couch potatoes!

You can access or request a copy of Ikea’s new 2011 catalog by going to You can also go online, build your furniture, print it out, take it to the store and a salesperson will lead you right to it. Talk about time-saving options!

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