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Do you have a ton of things you would love to get accomplished around the house, but can’t seem to figure it out? Well, welcome to my world! If you follow my blog – you KNOW that I’ve been going CRAZY over here attempting to make a lot of small changes to make an overall big difference in my home.

I don’t have the funds or the desire to hire a pro to come in and take care of my list of projects. But if I’m being honest, my husband and I aren’t the handiest creatures on Earth. If you are like me and in need of some quick tips on how to get jobs some very simple, common, yet important tasks done, watch these videos from Lowe’s below.  There are 10 different videos of approximately 6 seconds each. Keep refreshing the page to watch all 10 videos and learn all about it!

o   Video 1: How To Fix a Stripped Screw

o   Video 2: How To Get Rust Stains Off Knives

o   Video 3: How To Get the Measurements Right

o   Video 4: How To Keep Extension Cords Untangled

o   Video 5: How To Keep Your Nails Within Reach

o   Video 6: How To Put a Screw in a Hard-to-Reach Place

o   Video 7: How To Remove a Broken Light Bulb

o   Video 8: How To Set Tiles Using Pennies

o   Video 9: How To Use Foil as a Paint Tray Liner

o   Video 10: How To Wipe Your Paint Brush Without Dripping Paint











Ah-mazing!!! Nice to know about this resource! My answer to “How to Get Rust Stains Off Knives” prior to watching the series was to throw out the knife and buy a new set. Yup… handy is not my middle name. 🙂

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