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Should I Be Concerned?

I received a few projects that Natalie has done this school year yesterday and one in particular stood out. The teacher asked the class what they would like to happen if they had their own holiday.

Some children wrote:

  • I would have a parade.
  • Everyone would eat turkey.
  • I would know how to fly.
  • Everyone would look like me. (lol)

Not Natalie – look what Natalie would want. OY VEY!!!

Michelle Willow

Thursday 12th of May 2011

LMAO! That's a good one! :) Entering


Tuesday 10th of May 2011

cute! .. you might have to worry about her in a few years though.. :P just a question.. when will you and Bill be making another video together to answer the questions? LOVED THOSE, & MISS THEM!


Wednesday 11th of May 2011

im getting my highlights done today - we will do it this weekend. LOL!


Tuesday 10th of May 2011

Luvs it! That is absolutely adorable! OMG! No worries; it's fairytale mind.


Tuesday 10th of May 2011

LOL! Too funny.


Tuesday 10th of May 2011

Has she watched Tangled recently? LOL. I wouldn't worry about it, but definitely save that!! :)

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