Sheryl Crow Is A Tiny Little Thing (And Other Facts From Last Night’s Concert)


I’m always SHOCKED when I see celebrities in person. Sheryl Crow is 5 feet high and 85 pounds soaking wet? It really is true that the camera adds on 10 pounds.


Last night I was invited to attend a Sheryl Crow concert at the Ed Sullivan Theatre. It was a 45 minute set and was focused on promoting her new album ‘100 Miles to Memphis’. What a show!


The woman can sing and… does a MEAN IMPRESSION of Michael Jackson when he was part of the ‘Jackson 5’. I’m talking exactly like him!! My cousin Dana and I were standing there dumbfounded. My brain couldn’t connect that Sheryl was singing ‘I Want You Back’ because it was Michael’s child voice.


100 Miles From Memphis Track Listing
1. “Our Love Is Fading”
2. “Eye to Eye” (featuring Keith Richards)
3. “Sign Your Name” (featuring Justin Timberlake)
4. “Summer Day”
5. “Long Road Home”
6. “Say What You Want”
7. “Peaceful Feeling”
8. “Stop”
9. “Sideways” (featuring Citizen Cope)
10. “100 Miles from Memphis”
11. “Roses and Moonlight”
12. “I Want You Back”

Are you a Sheryl Crow fan? I ADORE her.

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  1. Leslie wrote:

    YES! Sheryl is ultra-tiny! I saw one of her stage outfits displayed at Hard Rock in Vegas. She must be a size -2. Cute!

    Posted 7.21.10
  2. CapturingLife wrote:

    How fun! 🙂 I figured she was tiny..but wow. She sounds REALLY little. LOL

    Posted 7.21.10
  3. Christina wrote:

    I love her. I saw her in concert about 15 years ago and she still is amazing. I am always shocked how tiny celebs are in real life.

    Posted 7.21.10
  4. Beverly wrote:

    Oh yes! Sheryl Crow is tiny. This seems to be the
    case more with white female celebs more than black
    female celebs. Black female celebs just seem curvier and larger breasted. Jennifer Hudson & Jordin Sparks both dwarf Jessica Alba & Jennifer Aniston. Niki Haris easily outweighs Madonna & Donna. Melanie Brown easily is bigger than any of the Spice Girls. In a pic taken, Beyonce dwarfed Sheryl Crow. White female celebs run tiny.

    Posted 9.23.12
  5. Otis wrote:

    I’m a black football Offensive guard. I weigh about
    280 lb. I want my son to be a football player. I do
    find some white women attractive and Sheryl Crow may be that to some, but she is way too tiny for my liking. My girl weighs about 210 and is about 5’8″
    with curves. If I were to collect pictures of Sheryl Crow, I’d be terrified to get arrested for
    child pornography. 9 and 10 yearold girls weigh
    more than Sheryl Crow. My son would have to play
    touch football when he gets older.

    Posted 2.20.14

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