Shellac Manicure Review (VIDEO)

Have you heard of the shellac manicure yet? It’s not really new – been out for a few years – but not many of my friends have tried it yet. Shellac nail polish is a little different than your standard brand. The color promises to last for 2 weeks and stays put with the help of UV light (think about when you used to get tips in high school – that machine you used to have to put your fingers in).

Here’s my shellac manicure review:

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  1. Barbara wrote:

    I’ve been doing shellac for over a year. You can go 3 weeks if you have a good tech who pushes your cuticles back evenly and paints very close and evenly to the cuticle. I’ve even gone 4 weeks. Yeah there is a lot of growth but when you are short on time, it’s fine. You can also layer the colors to create new colors. Go on the shellac website for some suggestions. I live in NJ and it cost $25 ior $30 depending and who does it.

    Posted 1.30.12
  2. Staci wrote:

    Actually, if you shopped around, you could find it cheaper. I get mine for $28 and yes, it does last for up to and over three weeks on me. I use cuticle oil each night to help keep it from drying out under the nail.
    I’ve been getting them for two years now and I’ll never go back. I pay less with this because I make it last for 4 weeks, so it’s a total bonus for me.
    There are plenty of places that do it for far less than $35 all over Long Island.

    Posted 1.31.12

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